Sex, recreational companionship, respect … understanding your man’s emotional needs

 Sex, recreational companionship, respect … understanding your man’s emotional needs

By Euphemia Nwele

This is a continuation of my article on ‘Emotional Needs of Woman’, here are five out listed needs you must fulfil for your man.

Sex: Just as the first need of a woman is affection that of a man is sex, as funny as it might sound to you. This is the reason most women wonder why men are always going on and on about sex, it is the same way men wonder why you as a woman always complain of him not saying he loves you enough – he wonders what’s so special about love to you, and you wonder what’s so special about sex.

A woman can stay for about a year or more without sex and she’s fine, as long as she is loved, but men, it is more difficult for them, this is why men are more vulnerable when it comes to sex, they are easily turned on. This is a solid reason as to why you cannot use sex as a determinant of a man’s love for you.

Ladies, you have to understand that a man is moved by what he sees, so romance for him begins with your packaging, so dress well at all times, there is nothing romantic about wrapper (for most women who loves tying wrappers at home), you should be the hottest thing that moves his eyes.

Recreational companionship: You know how men love their games — sports, hikes, and other adventures. Well, it turns out it is part of them. It is a need that needs to be met by their spouse. A man does not joke with a woman who joins him to watch soccer or one who goes sporting or gaming with him.

Men value their recreational activities and they crave a companion and partner to be by their side doing these things with them. It is advisable to learn compromise and also find out the activity you enjoy though this would involve you trying out a lot of recreational activities.

Attractive spouse: We all know that men are moved by what they see, hence the importance of this need. This means men have the need to be around their wife who looks beautiful in their eyes. Women, you need to understand that your packaging, your looks was what attracted you to him in the first place and in as much as your physical structure would not hold up forever you can still maintain it and look beautiful always.

Ladies, of a truth, you love it when your husband cleans up nice and looks good, so please reciprocate the gesture, your partner’s beauty also makes you feel good and proud about what you have. I for one would definitely not want to introduce my pot-bellied and under-dressed husband to anyone, and I am sure the men run away from showing their big tummy (amongst other bad physical attributes) wife to the world.

Domestic support: Men have a need for domestic support. I am using the word ‘support’ because all domestic activities and chores must not be left to your woman alone and with the African norm of raising men to think they only have to make the money and come home to relax, women carry the domestic support all on their shoulders.

Both parties can talk through things that needs to be done in the house and then delegate the work to themselves the woman is meant to support this vital need of their man, help him walk through the African mentality in his head.

Guys, we understand that this is one of your emotional needs that makes you feel like the king that you are, but still, it would not hurt you to help ‘your own woman’ around the house.

Admiration and respect: For men, kind words and recognition from the woman in their lives go a long way in making them happy. Men love to hear that they are doing well, they enjoy been recognized and admired as such drives them more to excel and not let you down.

Kind words for men heal whatever pain the day’s stress has caused, and women need to take this into consideration.

Men and women exist to meet the needs of each other. Running away from fulfilling the needs of your partner would only cause more harm than good, so please understand these needs and be sure to meet them.

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