Saveenugu Group As A Decoy For Serial Blackmailers

 Saveenugu Group As A Decoy For Serial Blackmailers

By Charly Udeh

It is no longer news or hidden that the people behind the faceless and social media Saveenugu group that have been peddling falsehoods and lies against Enugu State Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and his government are Mr. Willy Ezugwu, Celestine Okanya, Ekene Ugwuanyi and their likes.

They have become so desperate, petty, loose and hopeless that there is no passing day without them fabricating and purveying falsehoods and lies against Ugwuanyi’s government.

While nobody is against their decisions to pitch tenth with whoever they like ahead of Enugu 2023 governorship election, they should know that they cannot be victorious in the poll by serially peddling falsehoods against Ugwuanyi’s government and the people of Enugu they are hoping to vote for them in 2023.

It is heartbreaking that they and their paymaster, who is a lawmaker of many years experience don’t know that inciting people against government and libeling government and people under any guise is a criminal offence.

Their madness which is borne of frustration, self entitlement, joblessness and clear mischief led them into dragging the reverred Catholic Church into their outdated style of politics that completely lacks an iota of intelligence and decorum.

They started this at the peak of the internal differences between Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka of Adoration Ministry and the leadership of the Enugu Catholic Diocese led by Bishop Onaga.

They personalised the conflict by taking to the streets, vandalizing Bishop’s Court, castigating the leadership of the Catholic Church in Enugu and calling Bishop Onaga names in defence of Mbaka. They tried to drag the names of the Southeast governors, particularly Ugwuanyi into the mess, even when it was obvious that Ugwuanyi was their main target. Not too long after the picture of Willy Ezugwu and Rev. Fr. Mbaka flooded the social media platforms, confirming while the owl cried in the night and the child died in the morning.

But to their greatest shame and disappointment, Rev. Fr. Mbaka made a u-turn to apologise to Bishop Onaga, leadership of the Enugu Catholic Diocese and closed down his Adoration Ministry for one month as earlier directed by the Church leadership.

Having not learnt anything from their above gaffe and macabre dance which is typical of them being shameless and jobless, they quickly embarked on another blackmailing spree.

This time around their destination and target are the leadership of Nsukka Catholic Diocese lead by Bishop Godfrey Igwebuike Onah and Governor Ugwuanyi of Enugu State, whom they accused of ordering Bishop Onah to cancell Engr. Jude Asogwa’s booked Thanksgiving Mass for Sunday May 16, 2021 at St. Theresa Catholic Cathedral Nsukka.

They maligned Bishop Onah and even libeled Ugwuanyi’s government by calling it a murderous government without any evidence to the effect. They tried to pitch Ugwuanyi’s government and the Catholic church. Surprisely, the so called Thanksgiving service which was attended by their paymaster held at the church without any disruption.

The questions are; what do Willy Ezugwu, Celestine Okanya, Ekene Ugwuanyi and others of Ekweremadu’s cohorts want to achieve by dragging the Catholic church Enugu to the mud over Enugu 2023 governorship election?

When has Governor Ugwuanyi become a Pope to be giving the Bishops directives on how to conduct mass in their churches ?How does Ekweremadu believe that this kind of attitude being displayed by these characters will help him actualize his 2023 governorship ambition?

The trio of Ezugwu, Okanya and Ugwuanyi are taking their shenanigans and gimmicks too far to their own detriments and that of their paymaster. There should be a limit to desperation in politics of Enugu 2023 governorship election. Dragging Churches especially Catholic church into it to ridicule them as being done by trio of Ezugwu, Okanya and Ekene Ugwuanyi is and will continue to be counterproductive.

It is true that there is hunger, but people should learn how to live and survive outside politics and government patronages. This is especially now that government’s revenue has dwindled drastically making it difficult for governments to meet up their financial obligations.

It is not in question that characters like Willy Ezugwu has been surviving on government patronage and proceeds from his continuous blackmail of public office holders in the media, especially social media platforms.

From his claim of being the Secretary of the Conference of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP) that only exist in his imagination and media circle to the Chairman of the social media-based Saveenugu group that is often characterized with propaganda and lies about Enugu, Willy Ezugwu is nothing more than a serial blackmailer and mischief maker without conscience, reasoning or shame.

Now that the Supreme Court in his recent judgment has upheld the INEC deregistration of 75 political parties of which none was registered or headed by Ezugwu, I wonder which Conference of Nigeria Political Parties Ezugwu will be parading himself as its National Secretary.

Celestine Okanya, who was forcefully retired from Nigeria Army due to obvious insubordination and lack of professionalism is not different from Ezugwu. They are birds of the same feathers alongside Ekene Ugwuanyi, who has been up in arms against Ugwuanyi’s government on social media platforms for not being appointed.

It is obvious that the trio are working for Ekweremadu ahead of 2023 Enugu governorship election and erroneously believed that they can achieve victory for him in 2023 by impugning, maligning and blackmailing Ugwuanyi’s government on social media hiding under the social media based Saveenugu group.

That is not unexpected of them, considering that they are mere urban guerillas that hardly come home, know their wards or influence votes during elections. Besides, elections are fought and won at the polling units, not on social media platforms as believed by the trio of Ezugwu, Okanya, Ekene Ugwuanyi and their sponsors.

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