Renault’s driver-less future revealed

 Renault’s driver-less future revealed

Photo Credit: Car Magazine

By Elizabeth Ogunbamowo

Renault, a French multinational automobile manufacturer had decided to emphasize its driverless future “The Renault EZ-GO”.

This revelation was made during the Geneva Motor Show, a show about hot sports cars. The EZ-GO is an electric autonomous car that people can flag down from a fixed or mobile location and is available on demand via an app but also at permanent stations throughout a city.

EZ-GO is envisioned to involve Level 4 autonomous driving capability, the ability to change lanes, turn at a juncture, and manage its distance from the vehicle in front of it. Renault revealed that the car has a sleek cocoon structure designed to maximize the autonomous sensors’ field of vision.  To enter into the car, a hatch is made available at the front for passengers and it features lights to show where the ramp platform will land for easier access.

It includes a face-to-face seating arrangement which makes the car ride more sociable. The vehicle has a panoramic glass roof and is wheelchair accessible with a flat floor and boarding ramp.

The car is said to have limited speed of 50 km/h (30 mph) and can move into a safe position if there’s an accident close by, either by itself or via connection with a monitoring center. The car also features 4CONTROL, Renault’s four-wheel steering technology.

The EZ-GO is anticipated at a price point more expensive than a bus, but cheaper than the services of an Uber or a cab.

In a statement, Renault’s chief operating officer, Bolloré Thierry said, “Ride-hailing and shared mobility services represent an important opportunity for Renault, especially in cities. Many have aging – or very young – populations, and people looking for new mobility solutions”.

The car can be used for public and private services. Renault says it will release the first EZ-GO robocar in 2022.


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