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Leave no stone unturned.
Punish those who have grieved us.
Give them no rest who despise us
And make themselves gods over man.

Catch them old. Give them cold.
Fish them out one after another
Who dice us and plunge our ancestry
into miseries.

Let them be put to shame who milk us dry.
Let them know no peace who have sworn to
snitch the rainbows of Green earth
and would not stop.

Give them sense if you so will to free them.
Let them know that battles are won
With swords not licking mouths
And if they would not repent,
Of the journey of no return, please, send them
Who break us apart and steal our glories.

This is Revolution, perhaps, not
“Covik One Nine”.
This is Change, not Wuhan’s curse
And on “nature’s changing course”,
Justice, for who can rig these results?

What goes around they say, comes around
And a stitch in time, certainly will save above nine
But they’d never listen, the big ears.
They wouldn’t.

May we find some sense after this time out
With this Poison.
Peace to all who have been bitten,

Creative ink by: IGIRI Victor

[email protected]

©️®️ ATG Impact
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