Putin’s State Of The Nation Address: Say hello to Sarmat the ‘Satan’

 Putin’s State Of The Nation Address: Say hello to Sarmat the ‘Satan’

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By Ifeanyi Igwe

Last month was a very busy and what one might call bad one for the Russian strong man, Vladimir Ivanovich Putin. His mercenaries were pounded by US-led coalition in what was retaliation for attacking US backed forces in Syria.

That single attack by planes from the so called US-led international coalition fighting the Islamic state halved the Assad Russian men. In the same month, more sanctions were levied on the country couple with other events that supposedly have blurred the entertainment which comes from the geopolitical gamble between the United States of America and Russia.

However, the beginning of this month offered a revamp of the soap opera with Putin’s state of the nation address to a joint session of Russian parliamentarians. He came with a slide show of what were myriads of new weapons of which forms have no comparison on the planet.

On the roll call was the much vaulted underwater drone which is projected to have the capacity of trudging in hypersonic speed, small and very difficult to detect. It moves ultra-deep levels and is noiseless much as it is unmanned.

“There is no defense system that can cope with such subsurface vehicles that can be equipped with conventional or nuclear weapons, attacking coastal defenses and infrastructure facilities these underwater drones were 100 times smaller than a conventional submarine, Putin said of the drone.

Moreover, despite such wonderful weapon including the over 300 model weaponry displayed in the Kremlin power show, the one that caught the attention of the world and of course NATO is the nuclear missile touted to have the ability to wipe European nations as big as France and Texas.

This missile is called the RS-28 Sarmat. Say hello to this doomsday nuclear missile with no match on the planet. This missile is rumored to be equipped with stealth technology to effectively evade enemy radars during flights.

It can reportedly carry 16 different bombs at a time. This leaves it with multiple explosions in a single strike. It devastation is 1,000 times greater than the Hiroshima and Nagasaki “small boy” bomb. The 100 tons missile has a vast range of 6,835 miles according to the producer Makeyevka Design Bureau.

During World War II, the US attack on Hiroshima killed between 90,000 and 146,000 within the first two months of the bombings. The atomic attack on Nagasaki caused between 39,000 and 80,000 deaths. A Satan 2 missile allegedly carries bombs 1,000 times more powerful than those dropped on Japan.

In February 2014, a Russian military official announced the Sarmat is expected to be ready for deployment around 2020. In May that year another official source suggested that the program was being accelerated and that it would, in his opinion, constitute up to 100 percent of Russia’s fixed land-based nuclear arsenal by 2021.

At the end of June 2015, it was reported that the production schedule for the first prototype of the Sarmat was slipping. The RS-28 Sarmat was expected to become operational in 2016. On 10 August 2016, Russia successfully tested the RS-28’s first-stage engine named PDU-99.

The first image of this new missile was declassified and unveiled in October 2016. In early 2017, prototype missiles had been reportedly built and delivered to Plesetsk for trials but the test program was being delayed to re-check key hardware components before initial launch. Apparently, it received the NATO designation SS-30 Satan 2.

Military experts believe that five or six missiles from the ‘Satan’ offspring is capable of wiping the entire US east in a total obliteration that can cause psychological devastation of the United States military. And will leave the coast uninhabited for centuries.

A single SS-28 blast could yield the energy that can wipe out three – fourths of New York State for thousands of years and counting.

The “Satan 2” is a veritable response to the US global missile defense galaxy stationed across the world. With the aim as it claims to curtail the possibility of Iranian and North Korean ballistic missiles from hitting US mainland.

This excuse China and Russian call bluff because they believe the missile could pose a threat to their abilities for deterrence in the event of been attacked with nuclear weapon.

“I’m pleased to inform you that after certain experiments, we are sure that soon Russia’s strategic missile forces will have this new system capable of destroying intercontinental targets with hypersonic speed and high-precision, able to maneuver both in terms of its course and altitude. There are no systems like that in the world.” Putin boasted.

He said Russia had been open about the development of such a system but that “nobody listened to us, but listen to us now.”

Ifeanyi Igwe is a freelance journalist, he is currently on commission for Algezeera, Guardian UK, Financial Watch, and National Review (US), essayist, broadcaster of The Diplomat @ Salt FM Abakaliki. He is the founder of Mpero Media and Associates. I can be reached on instagram via @Mperomediaandassociates5026, Twitter @Ifeanyi Igwe, Skype on Ifeanyi Igwe or 09060063066 (SMS)

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