Poor network coverage in Yalla II constituency and implications on socio-economic development

 Poor network coverage in Yalla II constituency and implications on socio-economic development

By James Lukpata

Telecom has revolutionised the world in every bit of human activities, breaking physical barriers as they increase communication across the globe.

We now have digital satellite TV dishes in the orbit and other broad band network information moving at the speed of light in seconds, thereby making the world a global village as envisage by the famous Canadian communication theorist, McLuhan.

The usefulness of Telecommunications network in business transactions, human relationship and information dissemination cannot be over emphasized.Yet UKelle the Yala II State constituency in Cross River State is still struggling to have access to network from the few available Airtel masts in the region.

There is no doubt that only 5% of over a million population have access to network while 95% including those in the hinterland are either cut off completely or required being at specific locations at certain period to be able to access network coverage.

Meanwhile, the abandoned Nitel mast that was built in the early 80s has the capacity to serve half of the region when functional due to its massive height which makes it visible from all parts of the region. ln fact, as a child while growing up in the popular wanogana Community the “telephone” as it was called by the elderly remain the historic Tourist site as we usually climbed trees or stand where we can have a full glimpse of the tallest pole which served as an eye opener for virtually everyone in Ukelle.

It is disheartening that with the gigantic mast still looking great structurally and its unique position that draws the attention of passers-by to admiration, no government both past and present seems to consider the age-long project that has suffered neglect and total abandonment spanning over three decades.

As the society is evolving with Information and Communications Technology (ICT) as its driving force, Ukelle community of the 21st century needs reliable and adequate network coverage across the length and breadth of the Constituency to enable the inhabitants harnessed their untapped potentials in research, education and general information need including security.

Both government and private sectors can consider to invest in Telecom within the zone to ease the frustration in network coverage as well as fulfilling the information needs of the people and still smile to the bank handsomely.

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