Partnership: Why two heads are better than one

 Partnership: Why two heads are better than one

By Duke Ikedi

You can’t give what you don’t have. You know, as a guy I’m reticent most-times, still and all ’m not a loner, but I like privacy. Also, I find it Augean standing confidently in front of any daughter of eve, that’s because I feel nervous at every turn. Though, we’re learning 😃, but that tonic of ‘shyness’ still run through my veins. All these metamorphosed into my not being that social, especially when it comes to expressing myself confidently when talking with a lady. The truth is that I’m an 😃introvert😃, and I’ve accepted that.

We’re done with our semester exams, but I didn’t feel like going home. Literally, I spent my Easter holiday in school. I don’t know why it happened but I just felt like doing that, and I did enjoy every moment of it a lot.

There’s this friend of mine who runs a cyber café business in the school. At his shop I spent most of my time each day. The first-year students were still preparing to write their exams and were inundated with lots of assignments to do.  Some of them brought their assignments for me to help them do it (not for free though) Most of these students were girls, so that made it pick-and-shovels for me winning their interests. It was as difficult as forcing a hard and cracked poop from your anal orifice , my dear, this is not a laughing matter 😁.  At that point I admitted my shortcomings, that is when I now knew that I needed the succor of my friend, Ugochukwu. When it comes to matters such as this, he is the Big Bang.

By this time, my problem now was making sure that I do a neat job and also keep up with time.

Before us were plentitude of assignments. Ugochukwu has that natural gift of flowing easily with people, I don’t know the right word to use in describing him, but he is just more than social. I utilized that opportunity and it paid off. While Ugochukwu was wooing the customers, I was at the inside track of making sure that we offer a crackerjack service. There’s something that he does that I admired so much. He goes that extra mile of making sure that they are relaxed and happy while waiting for their work to be done. Sometimes we offer them candies or lollipops, especially for the ladies, in as much as they will still pay for it, though unknowingly. The next day, while coming to check on their work they’ll come with their friends. That is it, it’s that simple isn’t it?

There are two lessons which I’ll like to share with you.  First off, I accepted my weakness. You know, everyone has its own Achilles heel, no man is an island. I think in every endeavor we make in life, there must be areas where we are the Crème de la Crème, and there are also areas where we’re just like the rank and file. So, the first thing to do is for us to accept that we’re not good in some certain areas, yes, ACCEPTANCE, that is the first step towards success. Before, I’m the type that do struggle with the word, I’d always believed that I can do all things. Yeah, that is very much true, our good book assures us that. But, the same scripture says “wherever two or three are gathered in my name, I’ll be there “. It didn’t say wherever one is gathered, rather, two or three. God himself understands the benefits of partnership, He knows that we cannot do it all alone. So first of all, ACCEPTANCE.

Secondly, having accepted my being timid with a particular group of folk, or what we call not being social. I had to look for someone to fill in the gap. And nature made it easier, the person I was looking for was right there beside me. You know, there’s a saying that whenever we aspire to do good things, the whole universe help us in achieving that. Nature knew the type of person that I needed and it made him available. The person that you need for you to succeed in life might just be right there beside you, just look around, you might see her/him.

What is it that we do, is it business, partnership is a Prima facie. You might be a blogger or you needed a logo for your website or company, go look for a graphic designer. Yeah, I just learned that. We all need that camaraderie of partners to ace through the boulevard of business, and life in general. The fact is that, if I had continued working alone, I might have succeeded but not very well. The partnership between Ugochukwu and myself can be likened to that of roasted plantain and fish to give us bòlè. Mhen, I enjoyed every bit of it, it was mind boggling, phenomenal indeed.

Notwithstanding, I’m becoming more convivial and extraverted. You know, when you want to be like someone else, you come closer to the person. And that is what I did. So, nothing stops us from learning and becoming better.

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