Not-only-for-couples: Five ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a single

 Not-only-for-couples: Five ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a single

By Ezinwanne Onwuka

Valentine’s Day is the day when couples publicly and privately express their love for each other. It is regarded as the most romantic day of the year, especially for those in relationships. With several V-Day marketing campaigns targeted at lovers already flying around, it takes a strong-willed single to overlook them.

If you are single, this day meant to celebrate love can be difficult if you don’t know how to celebrate solo. Rationally, you know that being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t the end of the world. And yet, if you’re like most people, you can’t help but feel a hint of sadness and/or annoyance when you come across all those V-Day commercials and bouquets of roses being sold on nearly every street corner,

But here’s a cheering news: the fact that you are single on V-Day doesn’t mean you can’t make the best of the day. Here are five suggestions on how you can make the day worthwhile.

Spend the day with your family

If your closest friends would be unavailable to hang out with you on V-Day, don’t forget that your family will always be there for you.

Having the support and the love of your family is irreplaceable. Don’t take these connections for granted, make sure you celebrate them this Valentine’s Day. There is absolutely nothing greater in the world than your family.

V-Day is a celebration of love with your near and dear ones – it means you could spend a whole day with your loved ones, it could be your best friend, grandparents, parents, or your siblings or with whole family. It’s a day to say ‘Thank You’ to your loved ones.

Hang out with friends

Being single is neither a crime nor an excuse to be forlorn or depressed on V-Day. The day is a good time to go hang out with friends.

Call all your single old buddies, and talk to them, get back some nostalgic moment and create some fresh memories. You can go on a picnic with them, go watch a football match or even host them in your home. One thing is for sure: it is going to be an interesting day filled with genuine heartfelt laughter and great memories. Talk, laugh, share and cheer!

Take yourself out

Not with friends, not with your parents, not on a date. Just go eat your favorite meal all by yourself, with the company of a good book. It might seem scary and a bit embarrassing to ask for a table for one on a V-Day, but once you’ve settled in, you’ll realize there’s nothing wrong with dining solo. There’s a freedom that comes with it — you can order whatever you want, and eat as fast or slow as you care to.

If you’re typically uncomfortable being in public spaces without a friend or date, that’s where the book comes in handy. It gives you something to focus on until you’re more comfortable. And trust me, you will get more comfortable.

Show love to someone else

Send someone a small gesture of kindness by becoming their secret Valentine. It is not about expressing romantic interest, but it’s merely a nice gesture of kindness to brighten someone else’s day. You can give a card, gift, or treat them to lunch or dinner. Small acts of kindness in any form will not only make the day brighter for the recipient, but it’ll also put an unexpected smile on your face.

Enjoy your own company

If you prefer to spend a lovely, quiet evening with the best person you know, then stay home and prepare your favorite dish or order a take out and enjoy your own company. Many singles fail to realize the beauty of spending quality time with themselves because they tend to focus solely on relationships, so this is a perfect opportunity to spend time alone with the most adorable person in the world – you.

If you feel lazy and tired, cuddle yourself under the blanket with a box of pizza and catch up on your sleep. Don’t get up and just laze around whole day, if that makes you happy.

Whatever you do, make it a special time, because you deserve a little romance in your life. And, believe me, there’s no one who knows how to do that for you better than your own self. However you decide to spend the day and evening be sure you’re engaging in activities that bring a smile to your heart and ensure you are showing love to yourself.

Being single doesn’t mean you have to wear a long face and feel dejected and gloomy on V-Day. It means you need to take your love and turn it inward, focusing on yourself for one day.

Traditionally, the day was set up to celebrate coupledom, but it’s high time we take that back and start using Valentine’s Day as a chance to celebrate all kinds of love, be it romantic, platonic, familial, or self. In that regard, I hope you find my tips helpful.

Happy Valentine’s Day Singles!

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