No Wind, No Rain But…

 No Wind, No Rain But…

By Gabriel Agbo

Something new and strange is about to happen to you! Those that will survive the current global distress and chaos are those that will boldly walk on the word of God by faith. They will be ready to act and obey even when they see no physical reason to do so. They will move on his command when there is no sign or manifestation to rely upon. Yes, God uses signs and manifestations to lead or demonstrate his sovereignty, but sometimes you also see him moving without them. He is not tied to signs. He is not tied patterns, methods, time, events, history, opinions and locations. He is only eternal bound by his words and character. He does what he wants anytime, anyhow and anywhere. He can visit you without any pre-signs.

Just believe and obey what you are reading now and you will see those things come to pass. Listen to him now, “This is what the LORD says: This dry valley will be filled with pools of water! You will see neither wind nor rain, says the LORD, but this valley will be filled with water. You will have plenty for yourselves and your cattle and other animals.” 2Kings 3:16-17. Did you hear that? Are you sure?? You will not see any signs, but the miracles must come. That valley (need) in your life will be filled with fresh water (blessings) for you and you will also have excess to dish out to others. Wow!

You already know this story very well. These troops from Israel and Judah were going to war and they came to a point in the desert where there was no water for them and their animals – horses and camels. They were becoming dehydrated and desperate. And without immediate solution, they were all going to perish or be easily overrun by the enemies. No water, no help and no solution.

Not even a faint sign that there would be drizzling that night to at least give them a hope. My God! Extreme hopelessness! Are you currently going through the same situation? It is like you are going to perish in this and the worse, there is not even any glimpse hope to hang on.

You know sometimes it gets so bad, but you still manage to hang on to something or to a promise even if it is not very sure. But there was nothing they could hang on. They were completely stranded in middle of that dusty dry desert. They could not advance, they could not retreat and they were not sure of what will happen next. In the midst of that confusion, the LORD spoke through his servant and assured them that he was bring an immediate but dramatic and an unprecedented solution to them.

And what was it? Though there was not going to be rain, wind or any movement in the clouds, yet they would soon have more than enough water to drink and feed their animals. And not just that, they will ultimately go ahead to defeat their enemies. Victory! Here, we are not just talking about solving your current challenges, but God is going to make you a total victor. No water no rain but water will flow!

But why did God choose the wind and the rain as he spoke through his prophet?  The wind plays a key role in watering the earth.  With the help of the sun, it ensures the evaporation, collection of sea water to the clouds and also helps to bring it down. The strength and direction of the wind also dictates the direction and intensity of the rain in a place.

So naturally, for the Israelites to have a hope of miraculous water in that desert there should at least be a form of movement in the clouds. The water must come from the rain and the rain with the wind. But there was going to be nothing like that. And no rain means no water to drink. And no water to drink will translate into total dehydrating and imminent death.

And their death will be an automatic victory for their enemies! God knew all these and how desperate the situation was and still said that he will bypass all the known, natural meteorological processes and forecasting to provide water for them. After all, he made and controls the wind, the rain and the water. Now, he will also bypass all protocols to provide for you.

He will bypass all human, natural and economic calculations and expectations to answer your prayers in Jesus name! But you must also get prepared. They must make room to receive the miracle. They must dig ditches (trenches) to hold, collect the water when it eventually comes. Go and get prepared. Your obedience, readiness and wisdom are also needed in this process of deliverance coming to you.

Hope you are getting that? Sure?? If they did not obey his prophet and dug the trenches, they would have still perished because the miracle would have been wasted. Prepare for your deliverance is coming. Put on your dancing shoes. Yes, it must come! They got the miracle and also defeated their enemies.

Rev Gabriel Agbo is the author of the books / audiobooks: Power of Midnight Prayer, I Shall Not Die, Never Again!, Move Forward, Uncommon Success, Power of Sacrifice and others. Tel: 08037113283 E-mail: [email protected] Website


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