Nigerian rapper Chidey drops new EP on men’s experience with heartbreak

 Nigerian rapper Chidey drops new EP on men’s experience with heartbreak

On Friday December 8 2023, the Lagos-based Nigerian rapper, singer and songwriter released the first project in his ‘Heartbreak and Palmwine’ series.

The 7-track EP, which is a tale based on a true life story, is a creative work of art that uses hiphop/rap, highlife, palmwine music, afrobeats, movie samples, beer parlour discussions and real life interviews from men to discuss themes of love, passion, betrayal, heartbreak and relationship politics all from the Nigerian man’s point of view.

In this era where toxic masculinity is becoming the order of the day, there is the need for men to be able to discuss these issues they face in relationships and voice them out, instead of dying in silence, and this is one of the goals that ‘Heartbreak and Palmwine Vol.1’ aims to achieve: to give men an avenue to vent out what they’ve been through with women all in the name of love.

But instead of from a bitter and vindictive point of view, it’s from a jocular or “cruise” POV because there’s no need being angry or vindictive for an entire gender just because one or two of their members jilted you. It’s why on the track “some girls riddim”, real life interviews were carried out on some men to share their different experiences in the hands of women.

Chidey also plans to open a hotline with the hashtag #heartbreakandpalmwine in the coming days where men can come and narrate their experiences in the hands of women, so they can advise each other, comfort each other, learn the important lessons and just laugh over these stories possibly over a keg of palmwine and forge ahead with life.

This project is filled with heartbreak songs but unlike your usual heartbreak songs they are not sad songs that would make you cry, they are heartbreak songs that would make you laugh and dance.

This project was recorded in a studio in Enugu, a studio in Lagos, a bar in Enugu and a bar in Lagos, to give it that real-life ambience of a beer parlour/bar setting which is the only place where most men can freely bond with their fellow men and bare their minds to their fellow men.

The next entries in the series which would be released in the coming week are Heartbreak and Palmwine Vol. II: Revenge of the Queens (with only female features) to tell the story from a female perspective and ‘Heartbreak and Palmwine Vol. III: For This Tinubu Tenure’.

Chidey who is also a brand ambassador for different brands has held his own concert, performed on stage with other bigger musical acts and have had his works published and reviewed in both national and international media platforms. He hopes to grow even bigger and use his art to not only entertain his audience but also edify the society.


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