Nigeria should try the youths…we’ve had enough of old men since 1960 — McDolat

 Nigeria should try the youths…we’ve had enough of old men since 1960 — McDolat

Oladapo Olafisoye OLUWASEUN, a fast-rising Nigerian artiste, better known as McDolat, is one of the many Nigerian youths seeking a change in the country’s leadership landscape.

In this chat with CRISPNG, the singer talks about his musical career, role model and the need for the country to give the youths a chance.

Let’s get to meet you

I’m Oladapo Olafisoye OLUWASEUN popularly known as McDolat from Idanre Local Government Area of Ondo State.

Tell us about your journey into music

I started as a dancer before becoming a Master of Ceremonies (MC) and now music

What genre of music are you into and what do you intend to achieve with your songs?

I do Afro hip-hop and also a little bit of Coupe Decale (a popular form of dance music which originated from Côte d’Ivoire). As for my songs, I hope to achieve stardom with them because that is what we are all looking forward to. Lol

How has it been so far?

It has not been easy. I have seen a lot and faced a lot but with God, we will surely get there.

Some people still feel music is for the unserious ones even when there several successful musicians in our society. What do you have to tell those in this category?
Lol. Even though they don’t have interest in what we are doing, they should please try and save a soul by supporting us a little because music serves as another way of enjoying your being alive.

Away from music, do you think Nigerian youths can address the country’s challenges? 

We’ve been under the leadership of this old men’s since we got our Independence and it’s not Working. Why not try the youths?

What advice do you have for your youths in Nigeria, particularly those nursing music as a career?

Hmmm. All on God. Just be very sure of what you are doing and don’t forget money runs music. There are lot of better talents than those we are celebrating today but they are down all because no funds to support them.

Who is your role model?


Where do you see yourself operating in the next 10 years?
Los Angeles.

McDolat on stage

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