Nigeria, Russia, Norway… see countries with highest and cheapest data prices globally

 Nigeria, Russia, Norway… see countries with highest and cheapest data prices globally

In a recent report by Picodi, the cost of internet usage in Nigeria has been highlighted as one of the highest among countries around the world. The report examined the average prices of fiber optic plans offered by 364 internet providers across 85 countries, shedding light on the affordability of internet access in different regions.

According to the findings, Nigeria secured the 12th position on the list, with a monthly internet plan priced at $46.4 for a speed of 100 megabits per second (Mbps). South Africa closely followed with a cost of $46.6. Topping the chart were Norway, Iceland, and Australia, where the average monthly spend for internet access amounted to $79.4, $62.1, and $61.8 respectively. On the other end of the spectrum, Russia and Ukraine emerged as countries with the cheapest data costs, offering monthly plans at $5.6 and $6.1 respectively.

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The report not only focused on the cost of data but also explored the internet speed offered in different countries. In Nigeria, it was revealed that a monthly budget of $20 (approximately N23k) would only cover internet speeds of 15 Mbps. In stark contrast, the same amount of money would secure a breathtaking 1.2 Gigabits per second (Gbps) in Latvia.

Top 12 countries with the highest data price 

1. Norway – $79.4 monthly average spend

2. Iceland – $62.1                                     

3. Australia – $61.8                                

4. Switzerland $56.9 

5. Ireland $52.8 

6. United States $50

7. Puerto Rico $50 

8. Denmark $48 

9. Costa Rica $47.1 

10. Nicaragua $47 

11. South Africa $46.6 

12. Nigeria – $46.4.

Top 10 countries with the lowest data price 

1. Russia’s $5.6 monthly average spend

2. Ukraine $6.1

3. Romania $6.4

4. Vietnam $6.7 

5. Moldova $7.7 

6. India $8.5 

7. Belarus $9 

8. Kazakhstan $9.8 

9. Bulgaria $10.3

10. Latvia $10.8.           

Additionally, the report also mentions the difference in internet speed and quality of service in different countries, highlighting that Nigeria’s data costs are comparatively cheaper despite certain challenges in terms of speed and coverage.

As the discussion around the cost of internet data continues in Nigeria, the report serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by consumers in accessing affordable and high-speed internet.

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