Nigeria, Afghanistan… list of most prayerful nations in the world

 Nigeria, Afghanistan… list of most prayerful nations in the world

In a recent report by the Pew Research Centre, Afghanistan has secured the top spot as the world’s most prayerful country, boasting an impressive 96% prayer rate. The report highlighted Nigeria as the second-ranked nation with a 95% prayer rate, closely followed by Algeria, securing the third position at 88%.

The Pew Research Centre, a nonpartisan American think tank headquartered in Washington, D.C., is renowned for providing insightful information on social issues, public opinion, and demographic trends globally, as reported. 

Quoting the research findings, “compared with weekly worship attendance, daily prayer is somewhat more common around the world.” In the average of 105 surveyed countries, approximately 49% of adults admit to praying every day, with substantial majorities in sub-Saharan Africa (75%), the Middle East and North Africa (70%), and Latin America (62%). The report also highlights the varying prayer frequency across Asia.

Highlighting Afghanistan’s outstanding prayer rate, the report notes, “Fully 96% of Afghans…report praying daily,” aligning with the global trend of high prayer levels in Muslim-majority countries, given that prayer is a fundamental aspect of Islam’s Five Pillars.

Reiterating the rankings, Afghanistan maintains its lead with a 96% prayer rate, while Nigeria, recognized for its diverse Christian and Muslim population, secures the second position with a 95% prayer rate. Algeria follows closely as the third most prayerful country globally, with an 88% prayer rate.

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The report further underscores the global landscape of daily prayer, citing examples such as Hindu-majority India, where 75% engage in daily prayer. However, the practice is notably less common in certain parts of Asia, such as Vietnam (14%) and China (1%).

Below is the full list from the recent survey of the most prayerful countries

1. Afghanistan: 96% 

2. Nigeria: 95% 

3. Algeria: 88% 

4. Senegal: 88% 

5. Djibouti: 87% 

6. Iran: 87% 

7. Iraq: 87% 

8. Niger: 87% 

9. Indonesia: 84%.

List of the less prayerful countries on earth 

1. China: 1% 

2. UK: 6% 

3. Switzerland: 8% 

4. Austria: 8% 

5. Czechia: 9% 

6. Germany: 9% 

7. Estonia: 9% 

8. France: 10%

9. Denmark: 10%.

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