By Ikenna Amadi

The shower tickled my skin as I frantically rushed my bathe, with her naked and curvy body intimidating my thoughts while she lay on my bed. We only met in the most awkward of places, and now was the perfect time to hit the jackpot.

Her frame on the bed made me salivate in awe at the awesomeness of God’s creation, as her polished skin flouriscensed my room.

Her feminine scent could boosts a bishop’s libido as it tortured my nostril, thus sending me to Disney land as I approached the bed.

There was something surreal about her, but my unflinching lust was oblivious to it. Her every smile sent shivers as her possessive frame invited me to the sheets.

Immediately, she clung on me in the most passionate way, sank her lips into my showered body while she traced mysterious lines on my neck. I felt excitement but strangely as I could feel a grotesque flush breezing past the room which I weakly in my moment of bliss turned a blind eye to, as all that mattered were the moistness of her legs.

She drew me to cloud nine with her every touch, as I felt blur while her softness climaxed my senses. Strangely, the grotesque feeling continued as I was too weak to observe.

At that moment, our lust heightened as she led me to her pot of paradise which possessed me like a demon and changed my life forever.

For every thrust, came a ghostly whisper which I could not understand as my lustful body took over my senses. She carefully allowed me to come back from my lustful temple, before she smiled in the most tempestuous manner that reminded me of the witches in North East end and gave me the perfect punchline that drew reality. She dissappeared with her nakedness.

To be continued …

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