My musings

 My musings

By Benita Okonkwo

Imagine you were told
that you are not the child of your parents
You would scream, scratch, seethe with anger, scatter valuables, insult, boil with revenge,
Bitterness will fill your brains to the extent of overflowing

But will you calm down?
Yes! calm down?
Will you remember to listen to explanations? No!

But how do you feel when you see people react in their most angry state?
You frown and be the first to say

You have no control!
You have no conscience!
You are being childish!
You feel they are not worth wasting your time.

It is called expression!
It is like being in a cage to freedom
Your person is seen in variables

You cross that road without looking left or right

You walk through that route without looking back!

You suffer from double personality
and the peak of your actions.

Returning to sanity takes the strength of a thousand thoughts and a few helping hands.

Now would you rather call it EXPRESSION or OVER REACTION

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