My Lamba Diary

 My Lamba Diary

By Ikenna Amadi

For you to manage creativity, you must be creative.

In life, you can’t give what you don’t have. There is no magic behind being a good manager, when you don’t have traits of humanity in you.

This affirms to the fact that, for one to be productive, inherent traits play a huge role.

For example, prison wards are tasked with one of the most tasking jobs of checkmating inmates, but keeping a 24hour surveillance on these inmates isn’t enough. The strength of knowing prisoner’s thoughts and how they reason might just be enough to checkmate them. Remember only a thief knows how to catch a thief.

Extensively, whatever venture one tries to embark on, it is pertinent that he possesses those traits that can give the venture a solid foundation.  Can someone who isn’t gifted in fishery, successfully own a fishpond?

Think about it.

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