My Lamba Diary (9)

 My Lamba  Diary (9)

By Ikenna Amadi

 Don’t stop when you’re tired. STOP when you are DONE.

All too often we stop pursuing a goal as soon as we encounter difficulties. These challenges are not only placing a great burden upon our shoulders, but they also make it a real struggle to move forward.

Fighting day in and day out for your mission can be really tiring. However, we must not allow mental and physical tiredness to stop us from pursuing our dreams.

Obstacles are mere temptations that wants to halt your progress,  avoid giving in, when they come, tap from your innermost strength and continue trudging on.

Remember,  the World never remember people who left a job half done, but those who see a job through are those who are celebrated.

Relish the victory when it comes, dance to the tune of the struggle,  because they are motivating, sweat hard to get the gold and never forget the street parlance; you risk to get the biscuit; no pain no gain.

Keep pushing until you achieve your goals, even when obstacles come,  face and relish them. Do not give any obstacle the luxury of pulling you down to halt your drive. Keep moving, don’t stop, till your desired objective is accomplished.

Think about it.


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