My Lamba Diary (7)

 My Lamba  Diary  (7)

By Ikenna  Amadi

People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.

Do you know that the most crazy ideas are what develops into big success. Those ideas you conceive and people throw them to the trash, and you smile because these ideas give you fun, can open a goldmine for you?

Well, the sweetest thing in life is doing what gives you joy and fulfillment.  One thing is guaranteed,  when you do things that you enjoy doing, success will locate you.

So many people do not see joy on their jobs,  they grumble when reality dawns on them that they have to hit the office, to attend their daily activity. This is prison.

Compare to someone else, who wakes up every day, all smiles with the mindset that he or she would spend the day doing what gives joy and fulfillment.  This is bliss.

Doing what gives you joy, is a pathway to productivity and immense growth because you take every obstacle as a ‘joke’ and keep flexing your strengths on the job.

There is untold bliss in doing what you love most, you don’t worry about the pay, because they come naturally and in torrents, you don’t overwork yourself to achieve a result, the results flow from you. When people struggle to create, you dance to ideate. This is fun and an easy pathway to success.

Productivity comes from within and effortlessly when you do things that gives you joy. You see boundless opportunities,  the sky draws closer everyday, you feel the sunshine even when there is cloud, you smile when people panic, you flex and dance under the rain, because the bliss is immeasurable.

Find that thing that you stand for; that which you do effortlessly; that which gives you the X-factor; that which makes you who you truly are; then you are on a path to bliss.

Think about it.

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