My Lamba Diary (6)

 My Lamba Diary (6)

By Ikenna Amadi

“You just can’t beat the person who never gives up.”  Babe Ruth

The biggest strength is that which comes from within. It neither flex muscles nor intimidate with mind blowing physiques. It comes from within,  very flexible, rushes like an adrenaline pulse and when tapped upon, never disappoint.

This affirms to the fact that successful people, possess the inner strength as their secret weapon. It is this inner strength that pushes them on, to tread on paths that have exhausted all their strengths. The inner strength reminds you on the popular phrase ‘ Never give up’ .

Most times, people fall along the way when they are close to success,  not because they can’t percieve the exciting scent of it, but because their strength fell along the way, and the urge to continue faded away.

This is one of the biggest mistake made by people who are hit with the near success syndrome. Great men, see the near success Syndrome as an abomination, that is why they don’t quit.

They keep trudging on even when things don’t go their way. They keep pushing as they use all their strengths and even tap on their inner strength when the tank is empty.

People with dogged and determined spirits are the true heroes as they are the strongests in mind. The truth is, if you make the mistake of embarking on a journey with a man who has a determined spirit,  you will get frustrated because he would leave you behind and win the race.  So,  be determined.

Keep pushing until you get to your desired goal. No matter the condition, obstacle and limitations, don’t quit. Use your challenges as a tonic to push further. Remember, you can never win a man who never quits, because he keeps pushing till he gets what he wants. He is always ahead of you, with his two strategic tools; inner strength when tapped and the normal one developed by biological traits, which anybody  can have.

Keep pushing, never quit, these are the march songs of victory.  Determined people never lose.

Think about it.


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