My Lamba Diary (4)

 My Lamba Diary (4)
By Ikenna Amadi 
The start is what stops most people
 Often times, we make plans but we don’t see them through, not because we are lazy but for the mere fact that the beginning of every start up plan is the most difficult.  This is where big ideas die, success is halted, great men falter and regrets set in.
The beginning is usually the most difficult part in life and it’s challenges can manipulate your heart into giving up the dream. The beginning whispers to you that your dreams are bigger than you, that you lack the capital to start up, that you shouldn’t waste your time on something you are not sure would lead to success.  The beginning poses fear and often time, we succumb.
Success is achieved by the brave and not the feeble hearted fellows, it is meant for people who see possibilities in every impossibility, it is for the strong and not the weak.
The beginning phase is a crucial part of success. When you have a vision, you map out strategies to actualise them, and truth be told, the biggest hindrance to achieving your goals, plan or action is fund. But that is not an excuse.
We now live in a world of self dependency, where no one will help you achieve your dreams, but you. This is a society where you just have to take the step to unlock the puzzles of your future, so why wait to be helped?
Opportunities come to those who create it by themselves not those who wait for it, that is how to get off the Beginning part of your goals.  Do not wait for anyone, push through the barriers.
 Whatever your visionary venture is, hussle the funds. You are a fighter,  hussle to get the funds needed to start up whatever plans you have, avoid sulking that there is no money, which is a lame excuse.
 Actually there is no money anywhere, but there is money everywhere. It’s just a matter of you stepping up your game, seeing the opportunities that are everywhere and pushing to actualise your goals.
Complaints eat deep in the beginning part, avoid it and trudge on like a soldier that you are. Whatever you want to achieve, step up, start from somewhere no matter how little it will be, it might just be the best tonic to your success.
Think about it .

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