My Lamba diary (3)

 My Lamba diary (3)

By Ikenna Amadi

To know where your heart is, look to where it goes when it wanders

Have you ever stayed alone and you seem to smile when images of an illusive tomorrow appears in your mind? Have you ever felt safe and excited when you imagine doing something you love doing and all that you get are butterflies? Or maybe you are in the midst of a crowd and all you see is you doing things that makes you happy, and you tend to shout, yes and everyone stares at you and you just smile wishing they could see what you are seeing?

That is passion, and it drives you crazy and fantasize about your future. Often times, people relegate the voices of their hearts and tend to do things that won’t give them fulfilment and essence.  The truth remains that, everyone on earth has something that has been given to him by God, that he or she stands for.

It is that thing that makes you happy when you are doing it, even without you being payed. It is that thing that makes ten hours of activities look like just one hour. Do you know why? Because you are doing what you love doing.

For example, a talented  musician can sing for hours without getting tired and still feel like he just started.

A good way to tap into your mind is trying this technique: plug earphones on you ears, play an upbeat music, shut yourself from the world and worries  and concentrate on you, see where your mind wanders, it’s going to give you smiles, it will open your eyes to the bliss inherent in you.

However, only you can make the bliss a reality. When you do things that you love doing, you are practically setting the pace for your success.  Everyone has that special gift that when it’s acted upon, is done without sweat and people get fascinated, that is your goldmine. Just tap it.

Our mind is our greatest tool and often times it communicates to us, but we don’t listen. It gives us password to puzzles and unlocks happiness. God has blessed us with that gift,  it is now our responsibility to find it and unlock the bliss therein.

Your heart is a goldmine, find where it wanders to and unlock the bliss.

Think about it.


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