My Lamba diary (2)

 My Lamba diary (2)

By Ikenna Amadi

Everything good is on the outside of fear- Jack Canfield 

Yes, you just heard that. Most unsuccessful people live with fear, and the phobia of making mistakes in life.  This is the biggest folly ever.

No one is immune to mistakes and they help you grow. The saying of what ‘ if’  before taking actions is a huge hindrance to your growth. Take risks, I mean calculated risks. When people dread a path, go there, it could favour you.

Often times, most successful people achieve big things on ideas that was thrown away by people and labelled not good enough, but they never stopped there.  They never gave room to fear, they kept trudging until they found their goldmine there.

Life isn’t sweet, never expect it to be rosy with every step you take, but one important thing about life is that it favours the brave, those  with strong will and determination.

You just have to get up, throw your fears away, step out of your comfort zone and confront your fears like a gladiator and push on, your goldmine might be waiting for you.

Getting off your comfort zone is important to achieve, but often times people feel the fear and tend to accept the ‘luxury’ offered by their comfort zone. Hell no, your comfort zone does damage to you in every area of your life, it doesn’t make you grow, it doesn’t give you opportunities, it doesn’t make you have a strong heart to pull through weathers, it kills you!

Remember,  fear is imaginary and a replay of your negative thoughts, conquer it, and know that for every great thing you want to achieve in life, there is one big enemy to it, fear. So, fight it and outgrow it.

Think about it.


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