My Dilemma

 My Dilemma

By Sunday Elom

Confused and perplexed my Face, registered as I locomote towards an, unknown beckoning phalanges,

Silent warning voice behind I heard never, to clinch with the deceptive shadow, whose mission is hidden like an, underwear,

Concentration my heart fixed on the bate of instantaneous Royalty with a painted, skeleton of cemetery,

Undecided I stood in-between my dangling thought with bruises of poverty and the pressing desire for transformation,


Oh! Two pathway before me to choose, each with its income,

Silent voice I heed, bushy pathway I chose,


Again two intersections I met,

Two eves in each entrance stood,

Arms the both spread for my embrace,


Interesting their arms seemed in a gaze,

But confusion my memory beclouded,

For which to accept and Delilah escape,


Divine help my soul really need,

For the eves extremely glow,

But their contents I know not.

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