Meet Busaosowo Bisong, the lawyer leading fight against drug abuse among Nigerian youths

 Meet Busaosowo Bisong, the lawyer leading fight against drug abuse among Nigerian youths

Busaosowo Osowoodarunae Bisong is a lawyer and the founder of Busaosowo Foundation, a faith-based nonprofit organisation identifying and responding to the challenges facing youths, families and national development.

Since its establishment, the Foundation has championed numerous campaigns aimed at improving the society. This includes campaigns to help young people build resistance against drug abuse foster and safe communities.

In this interview with CrispNG, Bisong reflects on his passion and vision for floating the foundation, struggles, achievements and future goals.


CrispNG: What is Busaosowo Foundation all about?

Bisong: Busaosowo Foundation is a faith-based nonprofit organization dedicated to achieving drug abuse prevention, increasing access to education for rural children, promoting inclusivity for persons with disabilities, and empowering youth.Over the past four years, our organization have been dedicated to preventing drug abuse in Nigeria through education and advocacy and we’ve been able to make a significant impact in our community and beyond.

CrispNG: What inspired you to start the foundation?

Bisong: Running a nonprofit organization was an idea God laid in my heart as a secondary school student. I have always felt the need to create a platform that can express the concerns of young people and today, I am doing that and more through Busaosowo Foundation. I tested the ideas a few times in secondary school hosting campaigns and congresses.


CrispNG: How has the journey been so far?

Bisong: The journey has been an intriguing one. I have learnt the power of building effective partnerships and collaborations. I have seen how little steps of faith drive real change.

CrispNG: What impact has the Foundation had on the society?

Bisong: The work we do at Busaosowo Foundation is shaping the lives of young people in Nigeria and Africa and equipping them to contribute to national development. This year is our 5th anniversary as an organisation and in our five years, we have directly reached 30,000 in Nigeria.

Our work in youth development has empowered young people in 11 African countries with the knowledge, skills, collaboration and resources needed to implement their ideas for social development.

Specifically, we’ve developed and published the first local content guide on drug abuse prevention in Nigeria that has been adopted by schools across Nigeria, giving young people the skills they need to handle everyday challenges without resorting to drugs.

Our guide has already been used by 16 schools in Nigeria. Through our efforts, we’re working to create a healthier and safer community for young people in Nigeria and beyond.

We believe that education and prevention are key to addressing the issue of drug abuse, and we’re committed to continuing our work in this area. Our radio and television programmes have been aired in six states of Nigeria reaching an average of three (3) million and our work expands to eleven African countries.

CrispNG: What is the major issue facing the Foundation?

Bisong: Accessing funding has been our major challenge.

CrispNG: How well has the Foundation been able to collaborate with individuals and other organisations to bring its vision to life?

Bisong: One of our biggest strengths as a nonprofit organization is collaboration. We are consistently partnering with organisations at all levels to improve the quality of services we are delivering.

Only in 2022, we forged three great partnerships with different organisations private and public; and we utilizing these partnerships to drive change more effectively. We have a robust volunteer network online and offline that keeps the work going.

CrispNG: Where do you see Busaosowo Foundation in the next five years?

Bisong: In five years, I see us translating our drug abuse prevention curriculum into 10 of the most spoken languages in Africa. We would have also grown into a one-stop shop for drug abuse prevention in Nigeria.

CrispNG: In what areas do you think the youths can make an impact even with limited resources?

Bisong: Our young people have demonstrated the greatest levels of ingenuity in all fields of human endeavour in this nation. Anything a young Nigerian puts his mind to do, he will do it regardless of the challenges.

CrispNG: What’s your advice for the youths?

Bisong: Take responsibility for your life and if you don’t have a table, create one and invite others to sit with you

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