Lagos doctor’s death: How to prevent elevator accidents

 Lagos doctor’s death: How to prevent elevator accidents

Elevator accidents

The death of Vwaere Diaso, a medical doctor at Lagos Island General Hospital, Odan, has raised concerns over the use and safety of elevators.

Diaso had died on Tuesday after an elevator she was in at the general hospital fell from the 10th floor.

The deceased was said to have been on her way to the ground floor to pick up a food delivery from a dispatch rider when the incident happened.

Elevators are common in several high-rise buildings globally. But how do we prevent elevator-related accidents?

To prevent elevator accidents, consider the following measures:

1. Regular maintenance: Ensure the elevator undergoes routine inspections and maintenance by qualified technicians.

2. Follow weight limits: Respect the elevator’s weight limit and avoid overloading it.

3. Door safety: Never try to force open the doors or block them from closing.

4. Watch your step: Pay attention when entering and exiting the elevator to avoid tripping or getting caught.

5. Emergency communication: Familiarize yourself with the emergency communication system inside the elevator.

6. Stop holding doors: Avoid holding the doors open or trying to prevent them from closing.

7. Report issues: Immediately report any unusual sounds, movements, or malfunctions to building management.

8. Fire safety: Use stairs during fire emergencies and never use elevators in such situations.

9. Kids and supervision: Ensure children are supervised and understand proper elevator etiquette.

10. Use the emergency stop button only in emergencies.

By following these guidelines, you can significantly reduce the risk of elevator accidents.

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