‘Japa’: 10 top countries you should avoid during relocation and why

 ‘Japa’: 10 top countries you should avoid during relocation and why

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of Nigerians seeking to relocate abroad in search of better economic opportunities and improved living standards.

However, not all countries may provide the desired outcomes for Nigerians. This article aims to highlight 10 countries that Nigerians should carefully consider before deciding to relocate, outlining the potential challenges and drawbacks associated with each.


While Qatar boasts a strong economy and high per capita income, strict labor laws coupled with limited social integration opportunities may present challenges for Nigerians seeking to relocate. Additionally, the extreme weather conditions and potential cultural barriers can make adaptation difficult.

Saudi Arabia

Despite offering employment opportunities, Nigeria’s potential migrants to Saudi Arabia should be cautious due to the country’s strict religious and social restrictions. Moreover, labor exploitation and challenging working conditions are prevalent concerns.


Language barriers, cultural differences, and discrimination can pose significant obstacles for Nigerians considering Russia for relocation. Additionally, navigating the complex bureaucratic processes and harsh winters can make integration challenging.


Political instability, security issues, and the prevalence of human trafficking make Libya an unsafe option for Nigerians seeking better opportunities. It is crucial to prioritize safety when considering relocation.

Iraq and Syria

The ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Syria make these countries highly dangerous and unstable. It is advised for Nigerians to avoid relocating to these areas due to the immense risks associated with the conflict and uncertain future.

North Korea

Given North Korea’s authoritarian regime, lack of personal freedoms, and isolation from the international community, Nigerians should carefully reconsider relocating to this highly repressive state.


Nigeria’s potential migrants should exercise caution in considering Venezuela due to its socio-political and economic crises. Hyperinflation, limited access to essential resources, and rising crime rates may heavily impact the quality of life.


The ongoing civil war, political instability, and dire humanitarian conditions in Yemen make it an unsuitable option for Nigerians seeking stability and security.


Pervasive conflict, terrorism, and inadequate infrastructure make Somalia an unsafe and challenging environment for Nigerians to relocate. It is crucial to prioritize personal safety when considering potential destinations.

North Sentinel Island (India)

While the natural beauty of North Sentinel Island may be enticing, the island is inhabited by the Sentinelese people, who have had little to no contact with the outside world and have displayed hostility towards any perceived intrusion. Relocating to this island is not feasible or advisable.

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However, each of the 10 countries mentioned above presents unique challenges, ranging from cultural differences to political instability or safety concerns. It is crucial for Nigerians to be well-informed, conduct thorough research, and prioritize safety and well-being before making any decisions about relocating to another country.

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