Is Pastor Adeboye a false prophet?

 Is Pastor Adeboye a false prophet?

By Gabriel Agbo

I just read a Facebook post by one of my friends, a Kenyan born US based evangelist. It is a video clip of a church service where Pastor Enoch Adeboye was shown to be combing his hair to demonstrate what God was going to do for the congregation. The lady was so offended that after posting the said video, she followed up immediately with a teaching on the false prophets. I would have ignored the post when I saw it but for the people that are involved. One, I have known this woman of God for some time now. She actually has the zeal to serve God and has read many of my books. She will always want to please the LORD. Then Pastor Adeboye, (Daddy G.O) is my pastor.

Yes, I am not a member of Redeemed Christian Church of God, but I believe in him, his ministry and the grace of God on him. As a child of God and a praying Christian, when you see a genuine minister/ministry you will know. I will come to that later. I trust this man so much that my kids would always run to call me each time he comes up to preach on television. “Daddy come, come, your pastor is preaching on TV”, they would always shout.  But is that the only reasons for such a trust? Is my believing in him based on sentiments? No!

Pastor Adeboye’s teachings are always very simple, balanced, and mature and bible based. The man is simple, frank and humble. Though he pastors one of the biggest and richest congregations, he does not believe in affluence, boasting and materialism. His success has not yet blinded him of the transient of fame, position and possessions of this world and the reality of eternity. This man that successfully, comfortably assembled the conservative and liberal Christians to be worshiping together without segregation has been able to balance his theology – succeed here, but also get ready for the coming of our LORD Jesus! And this is how it should be. You just see the air of clarity of purpose, genuine focus and uncommon humility all over him. I love that.

Unlike most of our so-called successful ministers who have since been carried away by success and possessions of this world. They have become boastful, proud, arrogant, worldly, vain, intolerance, materialistic and empty. Are you not seeing them everywhere? These were once humble (or pretended to be so), but got inflated when the large congregation, the money and the authority came. Yes, they still preach, entertain and have big congregations, but like the great Samson the spirit and purpose of God have since left them.  They are now business men working for themselves and their families. They are now competing in the show of wealth and predictions to remain relevant. If Daddy G.O was vain, he would have been gloating over being the head of one of the most prosperous ministries on earth. But he has remained focused, humble, simple and uncontroversial. These are the qualities of a true man of God.

Then, I also admire the presence and grace of God in his life – the word of knowledge, the word of wisdom, the prophetic anointing upon him. And again, he does not gloat over these like many of us. He uses them with extreme humility, maturity and caution. It doesn’t get to his head at all. He fully understands that it is just by God’s grace. He is not the best of men; it is just an unmerited favor from above. Yes, he is very mature in using these gifts, always avoiding controversies and manipulation. Listen to him, he will always thank God when receiving those prophecies and also after pronouncing them. Have you noticed that? And this can only come from a man that has realized that God is his only source – that he can do nothing without Him.

I have never heard him boast of those prophetic manifestations. Never! Even when he receives a word from the spirit, he delivers it very maturely. I remember once asked about one of those influential false prophets in Lagos, he simply said that he would not worship in the man’s church. My God! What a response. He said it all without raising any dust.  Daddy G.O is a very mature, simple, peaceful and yet intelligent man.

I also love his stories and simple way of delivering messages. He has real testimonies, stories, and illustrations for every message.  He is indeed a father. Though well educated, he doesn’t try to impress anyone with big grammar, theories, human wisdom, fake testimonies or boasting. Is this the person that our dear evangelist is trying to label a fake minister? Please, no! Adeboye is not. I believe our generation should remain thankful to God for giving us this great gift and so many others like him who have not bowed down to Baal. There are thousands of them around. Yes, there will always be remnants.

Then, I want to give a little advice on how to know a fake minister or a false prophet. A fake prophet is the one that often speaks when the Lord has not spoken. He is the one that will speak or act for selfish reasons – to manipulate others or receive favor from men or impress people. A fake minister is the person that always misinterprets or manipulates the scripture to suit his aims and wishes.

A fake minister is the one that thinks about himself or what he will gain before pleasing God and helping others. A fake minister is the one that preaches very well, but aims at extorting people or enriching himself. A false prophet looks and seizes every opportunity to enhance his fame and fortune at the expense of the gospel and the people of God. They love to advertise miracles (or their magic), unlike Jesus.

These are the people that have gone to acquire power, fake anointing to do signs, wonders and the prophetic to deceive and exploit people. And unfortunately, even those that were once genuine are now joining them because of lust of money, fame and power. But I tell them that it is better for me to die poor than to seek or take anything from Satan. Yes, the Devil is fake and the father of all liars, fake and false. How can I be delivered from sin and Satan, and after seeing the light of God return back to seek or take from the same devil? God forbid! The word of God said that Satan, his demons, all false prophets and all that they succeeded in deceiving will have their place in the Lake of Fire.

And finally the Spirit of God will always expose the fake, sometimes through their own actions or God’s visions and dreams to others. Even when it is hidden from men, God will not fail to expose it to his people. So far, all I have seen of Pastor E.A. Adeboye in the spirit realm is of holiness, cleanliness and apostolic work. Please, share this message. Till next week, God bless you!

Rev Gabriel Agbo is of the Assemblies of God and the author of the book Power of Midnight Prayer. Email: [email protected]  Website

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