Is Ajayrock ready to ‘Bounce’ back Nigerian Hip Hop Music?

 Is Ajayrock ready to ‘Bounce’ back Nigerian Hip Hop Music?

By Adigun Temitope Idealism

Off his March 1st, 2020 released Extended Play (EP), “Red Bull, ” Ewurum John, a young Lagos based Nigerian rapper and Trap singer better known as Ajayrock released a song “Bounce” earlier in August 2019, with the hope to prove his relevance in the industry and to represent Nigeria in the renaissance of African hip hop.

The Stallionz Entertainment star, Ajayrock who had released a couple of songs before dropping his EP that consists of five songs said in an interview that his genre of music – Trap/Rap is for him to do something different, unique, and creative.

The Review

As an upcoming artist that is willing to achieve a lot and make people remember his/her name, it is pertinent to always state your name at the beginning of every song and that is what Ajayrock did in the introduction of the song. Lots of Nigerian superstar artists started with this same style of introducing themselves when they were still upcoming.

Ajayrock’s introductory statement in his first verse “cutting through the stacks, destined with the bandz…” proves he’s a lyrical genius. He told the story of how success is a process that symbolizes the cutting of the stacks. Now, due to the acquired success, the ladies are ready to “Bounce” him without giving him a chance to decline.

Justifying his vocal strength as a hip hop and trap singer, Ajayrock gave a solidifying statement that caught the attention of the “shawdies” through trap beat.

His approach to ensuring the catchword “Bounce” of the song keeps resounding to the listeners’ ears and the way he electrified it makes it soothing and definitely would make the listeners vibe to it.

A good singer/rapper without mincing words should know how to make his/her words appealing to the souls of the listeners literally and that was what Ajayrock did in in the line “…cuz I make her go bananas, she wanna f*ck with a badass journalist, she told me to press her…” That is definitely wordplay and twisting for fans to understand his discipline – mass communication.

There’s a saying that, “you give honour to those ahead of you in the game,” and that is probably why Ajayrock came through by mentioning a king in the game of Nigerian Hip Hop, M I Abaga.

Truly, Ajayrock is ready to “Bounce” back Nigerian Hip Hop/Trap music if only people can give his sound a listening ear.

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