INTERVIEW: What other celebrities should learn from Don Jazzy — Makeup artist gifted N100k for framing singer’s tweet

 INTERVIEW: What other celebrities should learn from Don Jazzy — Makeup artist gifted N100k for framing singer’s tweet

For Onuorji Chidinma, a makeup artist based in Ibadan, Oyo State, attaining greatness is a fight to finish.

When the 25-year-old graduated from the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Ile-Ife in Osun state, she was confronted with the big question: what next?

But unlike some graduates roaming the streets in search of white-collar jobs, Chidinma decided to take the bull by the horn and pursue her business interest in fashion — while awaiting other opportunities.

Though with small capital, she has since continued to pull the strings, bracing the inherent odds confronting startups in Nigeria.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Dinma’s Place made the headlines recently when Don Jazzy, a Nigerian record producer, gifted her N100,000 after making good her promise to frame the latter’s tweet the day he replies her on the microblogging platform.

In this interview with CRISPNG, Dinma reflects on her recent experience with the CEO of Mavin Records, her foray into entrepreneurship among others.

Briefly tell us about yourself

My name is Onuorji Doris Chidinma.
I finished my degree from Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Ile-Ife, Osun State where I studied chemistry. I am a business owner and a makeup artist

How did Dinma’s Place come into being?

I have always been fascinated about fashion and all it takes to look beautiful. It was a hobby at first making wigs and styling them. I also enjoyed applying colours to make the face pop so I thought it would be nice to make it into a business.

What value do you seek to add to the society with Dinma’s Place?

Well, I can say clients visiting hair salons and makeup studios are always after looking beautiful. They want a new hairdo and colours to their faces. People enjoy being pampered . At Dinma’s Place, we offer services that help eliminate stress, raise self esteem and improve the health of hairs

Entrepreneurship in Nigeria is a path many young people don’t like to tread because of the attendant challenges. What has been your experience as an entrepreneur so far?

Being an entrepreneur in Nigeria is not easy. I would say capital has been the major problem. And very few people are willing to invest in startups. Getting a physical store and a good site has been very difficult as well because shops are really expensive.

For now, Dinma’s Place has been mobile due to lack of funds to set up a physical shop. Another major challenge Dinma’s Place has faced in the makeup aspect is clients’ wanting a very glamorous face at low prices. Some want to pay as low as N1,000 for a demanding job.

You made the headlines recently after Don Jazzy gifted you N100,000 and also followed you on Twitter. What’s the feeling like?

I felt really happy as a lot of people congratulated me.


Based on that experience, what can you say about Don Jazzy’s personality?

Don jazzy is warm, genuine and empathetic. He loves the youth and we love him too

What do you think other celebrities can learn from him?

Other celebrities should learn to stay humble and help the upcoming artists too.

If there’s one thing you’d want Don Jazzy to do for you as an entrepreneur, what will that be?

I wouldn’t mind him investing in my small business.


What will be your advise to the teeming unemployed Nigerian youth out there roaming the streets?

There is no short cut to success. In this makeup business for instance, we face a lot of scary challenges. Sometimes, you have to travel long distances for a work. Some people get hurt in the process while some are victims of accident.

Below are samples of works done by Dinma’s Place:

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