INTERVIEW: How my parents’ death inspired me to establish orphanage — Muhammad Muhammad

 INTERVIEW: How my parents’ death inspired me to establish orphanage — Muhammad Muhammad

In a heartwarming initiative, a dedicated individual shoulders the responsibility of identifying and assisting orphans facing adversity.

This noble endeavor extends to those with unique challenges, such as the differently-abled, aiming to bring their stories to the public’s attention and provide much-needed support.

In this interview, engaged with Muhammed  Muhammed founder of ‘My Orphan’s Foundation’ to find out more about his philanthropic initiative and why he started. 

Muhammed Muhammed took the orphans to school for enrollment with his motorcycle. Tell us about yourself

Muhammad Muhammad: My name is Muhammad Muhammad I’m in my early 30s, from Niger state Minna.

A classroom teacher, happily married with two kids Abdullah and Hafsah. What is the name of your foundation and what is it all about? 

Muhammad Muhammad: The name of my foundation is ‘My Orphan’s Foundation’.

In ‘My Orphan’s Foundation’  we go about checking and finding orphans who are going through hard times in life, to identify them to the public, and render help to the less privileged ones. What motivated you to start the initiative? 

Muhammad Muhammad: I lost my mother on the 16th of August 2023, and my father joined her on the 16th of September 2023.

Muhammed Muhammed and some of his orphans in front of the classroom during the enrollment exercise.

The pain I went through during this trying time prompted me to come up with the idea of creating the foundation, imagining how young people who are not up to my age feel when they lose their parents.

Even though I’m married with kids, I find it very difficult to cope. What did you intend to achieve with the initiative?

Muhammad Muhammad: Identifying orphans with needs and less privileged ones, so that the government and well-meaning individuals will locate them and bring ease to their hardship.

By so doing I have the faith that it will serve as charity to myself and my late parents, and anyone that key into it,  that will also reflect to his parents. How did you get your funds? 

Muhammad Muhammad: From the little of my earnings and some kind-hearted individuals in the society. When did you start the foundation and how many people did you help through the foundation? 

Muhammad Muhammad: I started the foundation not up to two months ago, but so far I have rescued close to 50 people among which are mostly orphans who are yet to start school, and most of them are up to 6 to 8 years of age.

And to God be the glory!

About 50 uniforms are ready for distribution. What have you achieved with the foundation so far?

Muhammed Muhammed: Through the foundation, I was able to take back to school 21 pupils in different public primary schools acrthe oss Chanchaga local government area.

Enrolled 15 fresh pupils in public primary schools, 5 students to junior and senior secondary schools.

I was able to touch many lives in different aspects of life, some on health and others on Monday-to-day activities

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Muhammad Muhammad: I’m giving thanks to God almighty and this platform that allows me to say how I start my journey,

I’m still soliciting the support of the general public to as a matter of urgency come to the aid of people with needs. 

I believe these days help has become very difficult due to some people’s fake attitudes, they lie just to fulfill their interests. 

But with ‘My Orphan’s Foundation’ real people who deserve to be helped will be recognized.

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