Failed by their own nation: The ordeals of Nigerian youths struggling to survive

 Failed by their own nation: The ordeals of Nigerian youths struggling to survive

By James Lukpata

Nigeria, the most populous black Nation in the African continent has in recent time witnessed social unrest as a result of systemic problem, malfeasance in governance, accumulated anger and frustration from energetic youths who felt they have been swindled over the years. Hence, the resolve to fend for oneself.

Charles Dawing’s evolutional theory has come to be more meaningful now than ever as his popular dictum “survival of the fittest ” has become pragmatic and more proven in our contemporary societies particularly Nigeria where the #ENDSARS protest led to Nationwide social unrest as youths went on rampage to loot covid 19 palliatives,properties belonging to government and private individuals as the only available way to fend for themselves amidst hunger, poverty, unemployment, insecurity and failure of governance at all levels.

Nigeria as giant of Africa is supposed to replicate the gestures of other western countries like The United States of America,United Kingdom, Brazil, Great Britain etc in improving the standard of living of their citizenry as well as building a strong and competitive economy that can struggle side by side with other world’s economies.

However, the recent development in Nigeria that was triggered by the #ENDSARS protest with it attendant consequences has revealed the systemic problems in Nigeria as a Nation as well as other challenges including failure of govt, accumulated anger and frustration on the part of the citizens which calls for interventions from the international communities like the United Nations among others.

No doubt, Nigeria is part of the developing Nations though with enormous natural resources and man power but the system has not allowed the citizens to flourish as a true reflection of the abundance due to endemic corruption and a near failed State that majority believed Nigeria has become.

Recalled that early this year when corona virus struck Nigeria as ripples effect from the global outbreak the country was under lockdown for several months without adequate preparation from the government to help cushion the effects of the economic hardship occasion as a result of the covid 19 pandemic.

Aside donations of several billions of naira from private individuals and organizations the govt also claimed to have expended billions and thousands of metric tones as palliatives to all citizens particularly the vulnerable poor.Yet only a hand few confirmed they actually benefited from the program.

With all that has happened in recent time Nigeria can start thinking of restructuring and total overhauling of the system where things can be done transparently in accordance with lay down rules and regulations to ensure productivity, progress, peace and unity as captured in the National Anthem.

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