IMF: Nigeria, Tanzania, and Cameroon… 10 least indebted African countries 

 IMF: Nigeria, Tanzania, and Cameroon… 10 least indebted African countries 

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) identifies 10 African countries with manageable debt, shedding light on their economic stability. Nigeria stands out despite domestic concerns.

1. Tanzania (41.8%): Leads Africa with a balanced approach, ensuring economic stability.

2. Nigeria (41.3%): Surprisingly second, diverse sectors and debt management contribute to its position.

3. Cameroon (39.6%): Demonstrates fiscal discipline, maintaining control over expenditures.

4. Chad (38.7%): Adopts a balanced approach post-internal war, emphasizing transparency.

5. Comoros (36.9%): Exhibits prudent fiscal discipline, setting an example in debt management.

6. Equatorial Guinea (33.7%): Strategically manages a 33.7% debt-to-GDP ratio, controlling resources.

7. Guinea (31.5%): Reflects efforts in maintaining fiscal responsibility, and diversifying the economy.

8. Ethiopia (31.2%): Highlights resilience through infrastructure projects and strategic investments.

9. Botswana (18.1%): Stands out with a meager debt-to-GDP ratio, showcasing prudent economic management.

10. DRC (11.1%): Boasts the lowest debt-to-GDP ratio, managing debt alongside vast natural resources.

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As Nigeria faces a surge in public debt, the IMF’s list underscores the importance of effective management in sustaining economic stability. Tinubu’s proposed securitization is a notable move amid growing concerns.

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