I’m hustling so I won’t beg for money on Instagram later, says AY

 I’m hustling so I won’t beg for money on Instagram later, says AY

Ayo Makun, Nigerian stand-up comedian better known as AY, says his relatively low background drives him to achieve greatness in life.

The ace-comedian made this known while reflecting on his journey to stardom at the viewing of ‘Merry Men 2,’ his latest movie, in Lagos, on Saturday.

According to him, remembering the challenges he faced growing up inspires him to pursue greatness for the fear of falling back to such position or becoming a social media beggar in the future.

“When you come from a background that was laced with hunger, and when you are now opportuned to get to a certain stage where you can see life and enjoy it, and when you think of where you are coming from and when you know the only thing that can take you back there is when you stopped thinking, is when you stopped being creative, your brain will work times two, so the hustling will be international, even more that even take you to planet Pluto,” he said.

He explained he has been able to remain relevant for a long time because of his ability to read the dynamics of the industry and what people actually want, adding people should expect more from him.

“What is important is knowing what is required of the market, what is wanted, when you have all that at the back of your mind, and then you push your creativity, you align everything put together, it is going to give you the expected result.

“You can see AY from different angles, don’t be surprised if you see me grab a microphone tomorrow and I tell you that I want to release an album. What I am trying to say is that anything within entertainment is possible for the AY brand. You know a time will come when we are going to duff our hats and give it up for the younger ones to come in but then we should have the right investment in place, so tomorrow we won’t be asking people for money on Instagram.”

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