“I don’t have 2k in my account” — how Sky B fell from grace to grass

 “I don’t have 2k in my account” — how Sky B fell from grace to grass

Palisade Ogunka A.K.A Sky B, the talented artist behind the hit song “Ogechimaga,” opened up about his struggles in an emotional video interview with Lucky Udu studios. 

Despite his initial success, Sky B’s career took a downturn after being abandoned by his record label, leaving him to face the harsh realities of life.

“I was famous until I got to a record company. Then I didn’t know what a record company was. I was just 23 years old then”.

In the interview, Sky B reminisced about his glory days, saying, “Promise me say you know go, go away even if you tell me I fall. Mum. Baby, my baby. You’re the one. You’re the one that I’m calling. I’m calling baby, I’m falling but it’s too good. 

I wonder why I got up. Better lose the money race clad up my window.” These poignant lyrics from “Ogechimaga” reflect his passion and dedication to his craft.

However, despite his initial success, Sky B faced a challenging reality. He revealed, “Well, right now life is too hard. As I’m talking to you like this, I have five kids. Sometimes I don’t go home for one week. Sometimes I sleep in the club. I sleep in the club room after club. And that’s when I have a spot, right. Don’t even have up to N2,000 naira in my account.”

“Hi, my name is Palisade Ogunka A.K.A Sky B, A.K.A Ogechimage A.K.A pray for me, A.K.A Mambabi krona.

“I used to be very famous. I used to be there. I used to test fame. But something happened to me along the line.

“Right now I’m back and I want Nigerians to help me and bring me. Back to the limelight”.

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Sky B’s story highlights the harsh realities of Nigeria music industry, where artists often face uncertain futures despite early success. His candid admission of his struggles serves as a reminder of the importance of supporting artists beyond their moments in the spotlight.


Who is Sky B?

Sky B, was a Nigerian musician born on August 17, 1980, in Owerri, Imo State. He rose to fame in the early 2000s with his hit single “I’m Calling,” which became an anthem in the Nigerian music scene.

He was renowned for his unique blend of reggae and hip-hop, earning him a dedicated fan base. Despite his relatively short-lived mainstream success, his impact on the Nigerian music industry was significant. 

Beyond his music, Sky B was known for his charismatic personality and stage presence.

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