I denounce my zodic beliefs

 I denounce my zodic beliefs

By Eve Eden

This piece is a confession that I utterly have to declare. I have always been a zodiac fanatic. I know all the month dates with their zodiac names. I know them so well like making a cup of tea for me. I inhale and exhale zodiacs. If someone were to write my biography; believing in zodiacs would be one of the abstract features that person would mention about me. Knowing someone’s zodiac sign has always been a major influence in deciding which friends I let into my bedroom or keep at the gate. One of the reasons that made me go into a relationship with my first was his Zodiac- nigga was a Scorpio. I never fail to seek out an acquaintance birth date in order to consult my zodiac register. I am an ardent sign devotee since my teen. I trusted it with no iota.

This continued till the sixth month of 2020 when a cute lad sent me a DM and as a possessed zodiac lady I raided his Facebook wall. I wore a gloomy face when I found out he is Gemini. I wished I can alter it to a Virgo, Scorpio and Taurus- my three packets of compatible relationship signs.

Notwithstanding, I kept up with the happy conversation not with tranquil but with fright like a startled cat. Even when I fantasied that with him my fairy tales may come true; his Zodiac emblem yelled in my head causing me to budge. So, here you have the confession of what made me start this piece. Perhaps or perhaps not, I fancy this male specie. it’s only an answer the future can reveal.
So this in my journey into disclaiming whatever Zodiac said and said not. I want to swipe left to an individual due to who they are not their birth date. My path into astrologer beliefs was merely due to my first heart break in my teen. It was a likeness in the way teens love.

Silly. Foolish and fearful. I was hurt and needed a reason to justify why the lad didn’t feel same way. The great reason was buried in the pages of Vanguard Newspaper. The articled was a daily update on why people behave the way they do and claimed their birth history to be the crux. There I found out that I am a Capricorn. Whenever I meet someone who has a likening towards me, I am instantly alerted for him to disclose his birth date. I am more Zodiac picky towards the male on this subject than the females; regardless I consider it. I guess it’s because I am an Eve and if I am destined to have an Adam it has to be the best one.

If he is a likeable zodiac I stretch my hands so wide and if he is in the danger zone zodiac; I shield on. At times, I wonder if I haven’t been a zodiac adorer; perhaps I would have made different choices in relationship. Other times, I am grateful that I saved my sanity and never bought the friendship. Certainly, I have met men and women whose zodiac theories suited mine effortlessly as two peas in a pod but we sealed our friendship as strangers.

I have a colleague who shares the same sun sign with me. He is a Capricorn; we ought to be twinning in our work relation but we are not. We oppose each other most times, I take my mingling with him with a grain of salt. This got me pondering, perhaps he happened to be a Gemini (my most dreadful sun sign) I would have set out my drums rolling with a cheer on my face and become more fervent with my zodiac religion. I would wear the sentence – I knew it! Zodiac is super true!

Sadly, I won’t declare such cause my mind has been bugling concerning these sun signs. The zodiac book tells that we are all divided into four elements- earth, water, fire and air. The earth and water sign should pair while the fire and air should mingle. Any pairing different to this would be vain. A fire sign would scorch an earth sign and marrying an air sign with a water sign is a potion for unhappy affair. My social circle is thinning out into a dot all for the sake of hunting for water or earth signs.

How true can zodiac be? Why should I judge people because of their birth date? Our individual traits, experiences, family and environmental exposure are all the recipes that makes us who we are. Maybe if that Gemini crush of mine had pecked my feet and adorned my shadows, I won’t be nodding with whatever the zodiac theory utters on how malicious and barren a relationship between Capricorn and Gemini would end.

Shockingly, Aquarius; an air zodiac tops the number of friends I have got and they are value. I also have this peace with fire signs in Aries and Sagittarius. My best male pal is a Leo. I can’t even boost of a Capricorn buddy who rides with me as Bonny and Clyde! despite me always scouting for them. How messed up my mind has become with this zodiac knowledge. Without a doubt, some knowledge is not worth consuming.

What is an African Nigerian as me meddling with something that belongs to Asian Indian? So, today I as I pen these words I raise a tequila to purge my brain all the zodiac details I have gulped. I am de-activing all the Zodiac groups I have subscribed to and I won’t go sniffing about the birthday dates of people. With faith, I would abide to this penance.

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