How to Make Your Purpose Count (3)

 How to Make Your Purpose Count (3)

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By Orodiran Oluwatosin

“The fastest means to success is purpose”

The only time you can think there is no hope for your life is when you take your last breath. There is always a respect for a sleeping lion. I know you might have experienced a lot. Things might have gone worse more than enough. You might have been in an irreparable mess. I know you have failed several times. Yes, but those things are not enough to take life out of you. Men that are great today have pathetic stories to tell. They are overcomers now because they didn’t give up their dreams. Though they failed countless times, they never lost hope, instead, they kept on trying. So, I must tell you the truth; your failure is not your end. It’s part of what projects you to your glory. Don’t ever give up on God, He is still committed to your case. Keep on asking, keep on searching and keep on knocking till your light appears.

Today we are glad to continue from where we stopped in our last edition: Make Your Time Count. And in this chapter we have been considering the topic: Make Your Purpose Count. If you have missed any of our previous messages and you are keen to benefit from them, just kindly get in touch with us through our contact details and we shall attend to you in a jiffy.

  1. Purpose will Energize You:

I have always said a man who is purpose driven is usually unstoppable. One of the greatest advantages of getting your purpose right is that it will give you needed zeal to move against every odd of life. It’s not easy to stop when you have something that drives you. The best act of life driving should be purposeful. You have to get something you are moving for. Purpose will give you a reason to keep going even if the going is tough. Most people have given up easily in life because they have no specific purpose. When you have your purpose well defined and articulated, you will have enough capacity to resist any odd that may want to keep you off the track. Your purpose fuels your life.

  1. Purpose will Grant You Speed:

I have realized different people move with various velocity to their peak in life. There are some who seem moving very fast. We think at times these people have more brilliant opportunities that we don’t have. But I have discovered that this assertion is not true. Everyone at every stage of life experiences equal access to life irrespective of where you are. Your opportunities might not be many but you have some within your reach. But you decide to overlook such opportunities while some embrace it because they have inserted their purpose into their system. So, those people that embrace their opportunity in life move very fast because they discovered their purpose early in life. What determines your acceleration in life is how well you have spelt your purpose. When you are purposeless you let opportunities pass you over several times and it affects your speed in life.

Your life needs to follow a well-defined pattern. You are too great to be ordinary. Stay with us as you enjoy life that transforms your living. You shall succeed.

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