How to live your dream…Dream a dream (3)

 How to live your dream…Dream a dream (3)

By Sunday Orodiran

“Effort is the line that can make your dream respire”

God is divinely making some arrangements to lift up some people this era. I pray that you will be included in Jesus name.

We are still on our topic “DREAM A DREAM”. God has helped us to see some necessities for each of us to conceive a dream that can propel us to the future. By now, I know, all our readers would have been creating lifetime dreams that will change their story.

However, someone cleverly asked us this question, “it’s good as you have rightly preached to have a dream, but what about people that dreamed all their lives but couldn’t achieve any of their dreams till they died.”

Yes, it’s possible some dreams die with the dreamers. So many dreams wont be realized, why? The answer is in our lesson today i.e. LIVE YOUR DREAM.

Dreaming is a process that doesn’t end when you dream alone. It’s a realisable process that involves continuous actions. It’s good that someone dreams but it is worse when you end the process at the first stage. The only gap between a dream and its manifestation is action.

You don’t dream and think that’s the end. You must take conscious and voluntary actions that will make you bring up your dream.

There are people who dream and believe their dreams will automatically come to realization, they lived worthless lives because they refused to take necessary steps to let their dreams live.

Yes, my dear brethren, your dream will only become living legend when you take your dream by and live it. Don’t make a mess of that glorious vision, empire and castle that God has given you plan to build.

Maybe you don’t know that America of today was a dream of some world leaders. They dreamed it and they paid sacrifice to have a United States. You can also build that world. It’s possible for you to plant that innovation. Don’t let it die within you, you must LIVE YOUR DREAM.

The whole world is waiting for your manifestation because you are part of the sons of God. Don’t be too careless to disappoint the world. Don’t be too mindless to avoid the necessary efforts that will invent God’s greatness.

God is changing the world; He has wittingly inputted the processes of the change in everyone’s mind. Don’t waste the resources of God, just go out and let it happen and You shall succeed.

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