How to handle fights in your relationship

 How to handle fights in your relationship

By Nwele Euphemia

Communication in a relationship comes in various forms, it is important to talk about everything and anything. When you withhold whatever is on your mind especially if it concerns your partner it ends in more fight.

No matter the situation, sometimes seating down and having a talk is all it takes to resolve the issue. There must have been times where you are pissed at a friend or your spouse and after you practically forced yourself to talk with your partner about it you felt better and the issue was resolved.

Assumptions, regrets and malice gets cleared off whenever you make out time to talk with your partner.

Quarrels and disagreements are bound to happen in every relationship but how you tackle it matters, do you just let it slide till there is a make-up sex and everything is buried under the carpet? Or do you devise a means to sort out your issues?

At the start of a romantic relationship you should make it a priority to come to an agreement with your partner on how disputes, quarrels and arguments should be resolved. I know of a couple (not yet married) that had an agreement to not let the day pass by without sorting any disagreement out and this has helped them.

It has helped them in the sense that they both know that no matter what happens to them they must create time to seat or stand even (giggles) and talk about it. They do not give room for more disagreements from one situation.

This method might not work for you in your own relationship, but you can find out what works for you and you both agree to it. The idea behind talking about this initially is to avoid less communication and future silent death of your relationship, it is so that you both have an idea that this is what we need to do, we need to see and talk and nobody avoids anybody.

Some disagreements seem gigantic and you feel it is best to avoid it, but when you have adopted a measure that you both know you both have to make use of it makes things easier. Ask questions like; baby, if we ever had to disagree in times to come how are we going to resolve it? I want to know now so that I do not have to be away from you for long.

When you approach it like this your partner smiles deeply and you both eventually come up with what works for you both.

If your relationship is just starting this is a question you should think of bringing up in your discussion with your partner. It is better to have to cross this bridge at the early stage that to wait for arguments to rise, waiting leaves you clueless and leaves your relationship naked and ready for attack.

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