How to deal with a breakup

 How to deal with a breakup

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By Miracle Udeagha

Making the decision to breakup with a partner is never easy. Usually, you’re torn between trying to make things work and ending things once and for all.

You may have a feeling that if you had stayed in the relationship and persevered, things might have worked out. You might also feel like staying in the relationship would just become toxic to you and a waste of precious time.

Then you have to choose what decision would be best for you. If you’re still indecisive, you could talk to your very close friends who have been onto the relationship between you and your partner and might have an idea of what’s going on.

Most times, your friends see what you might not be able to see while in a relationship. Probably your partner is very abusive or is playing you. Being blinded by love, you might not be able to tell these signs early enough. The best thing you can do is consult your friends and make sure you take their opinions into consideration.

Making the decision to breakup with a partner is never easy. Usually, you’re torn between trying to make things work and ending things once and for all.

So, after the decision has been made to break up with your partner, the next step becomes how to break the news to your partner. You might want to end things face to face or through text. Although, ending things through text may be seen as immature, in a situation where you have no other option probably cos you haven’t seen your partner in a while, or you find it hard to face him and end things for good cos your feelings could betray you, you obviously have to break up that way.

After the breakup has occurred, life might become difficult and unbearable for you. You might find out that you still have residual feelings for your ex or you still haven’t got over the reason for the breakup, that is, you caught him/her cheating, you both weren’t into the relationship anymore, etc.

It might take a little while for you to adjust. But don’t worry too much. You’ll surely get over him/her. Probably it wasn’t just meant to be.  You’ll find out that with time you would have got over him/her. Life goes on.

When you eventually do, you may feel like you aren’t ready to start dating again. You’ll probably need a break from relationships. Take your time. No need to rush into anything so you don’t end up making the same mistakes twice. When you feel like you are ready to date again, explore options. Don’t just say yes to the first person that asks you out. Take your time in trying to get to know the person better. Become friends first before you decide to become partners.

With time, you’ll find out that you have got over the breakup fully. Spend time with friends and family, take up a hobby, travel, go on a diet, do whatever. Just make sure you don’t bring yourself down emotionally wondering what went wrong or what you didn’t do right. Life’s too short to worry about things like that. Be happy! Smile more! Love more!

I hope this article has been a bit helpful!

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