11 tips you need to become a boss

 11 tips you need to become a boss

By Miracle Udeagha

A lot of people crave to be a boss. However, not many understand how to achieve that. No doubt, being a boss of your own is something you should work towards. There’s this fulfilment that comes with it.

This article shares some useful tips that can help you become that person you have always desired to be — a boss!

1. Change your environment
The kind of environment you are in is important. By environment, I don’t just mean the location or space you find yourself in. You have to surround yourself with positive vibes, with people that align with your dreams & goals. Negative energy and vibes will only drain you and pull you back!

2. Save up. Keep saving.
Put your money away towards your goals. Save up money rather than spend on unnecessary stuff that you know deep down in your heart, you do not need. Being a boss isn’t about how expensive you look. It’s about your mindset first. You don’t need that luxury bag or that expensive car right now. Social media has made a lot of people believe that living a life of luxury is the “in thing”. Yes, once in a while, you can splurge on the things you love but spending on a daily basis will get you nowhere in your journey to becoming a boss. Rather than get that 6 bedroom apartment, why not start with a 2 or 3 bedroom and save up the rest of the money towards your goals?

3. Stop competing and comparing
Instagram is one social media space that will make you feel like you’re not doing enough. But you need to understand that you own your own story. Trying to compete with the next person or comparing yourself with that social media friend is unhealthy. Be patient. Own your journey. Understand that you will get there once you put in the work and effort.

4. Limit your time on social media
Being a Digital Marketer myself, I agree that social media can be a very useful tool for business. It’s a good space for advertising and marketing your products and business. But the more time you spend there, the less time you spend trying to reach your goals. Social media can be a huge distraction. Sometimes, you need to take some time off social media and rather spend time researching on useful business tools. Read that book, attend that seminar, sign up for that online course.

5. Start with what you have

The biggest company today started with little or nothing. You can work with what you have and grow from there. Thinking you need to have it all before you can start is the biggest lie you’ll ever tell yourself. Start small and grow into something big with consistency and effort.

6. Change your mindset
Be confident in all you do. Believe first that you’re a boss. Create your own reality. You need to condition your mind to relearn everything that you feel about yourself. Speak into existence what you want to become.

7. Be consistent
Stay focused and consistent. You need to understand that every good thing takes time to be. Staying focused and consistent will yield good results at the end of the day. Focus on your goals. Avoid distraction. To be honest, on some days you will feel like giving up. You will be disappointed on how slow things are moving. That’s just life. Take your time, no pressure whatsoever. The ultimate goal is to stay consistent and not give up. All the downs and lows are all part of your learning experience. Keep pushing through and one day it will surely pay off.

8. Move in silence

The worst thing you can do to yourself is to believe that everybody is happy for you. The truth is not everyone will be happy about your achievements and successes. Haters are everywhere. It’s part of the human nature. You need to learn to keep some ideas to yourself. Not everything you do should be shared with everyone. Make moves in silence. Yes, you can have solid one or two people in your circle that can be your support system. People that you can share ideas with, that you trust to pick you up when you fall, that can encourage you to do better. Asides these people, try not to tell every single move you make to the world.

9. Never be afraid to fail
It is life. You won’t win every battle. Everything you do will not be a success. You need to learn and relearn this. Sometimes, you will fail. But you will get up again. You will try again and again. Life goes on. We meuveee! Staying motivated is the key to overcoming failure.

10. Show up as the person that you want to be

Dress how you want to be addressed. Package yourself as the boss you want to be. You can’t want to be something if you don’t show up as that thing. You can’t say you want to be a boss and then you are laying in bed till 9am on a Monday morning. Folake, get up! Bosses are always on the move. You know the saying “fake it till you make it”. Well in this case, “show up as a boss till you become one”. It’s how the mind works. The more you do or act the part, the more your mind is conditioned to become the part.

11. Always remain humble
At the end of the day, everything we have is a blessing. How you choose to respond to the blessings you have will determine the future. Be grateful. Remain grateful. This way, you will be able to attain more greatness.

These are some of the tips I have learnt along the way on my own journey. I hope they will be as useful to you as they have been and still are to me. See you at the top!

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was first published on Mira’s Not-So-Secret Diary.

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