How Portable defeated Charles Okocha in celebrity boxing match 

 How Portable defeated Charles Okocha in celebrity boxing match 

Portable A. K. A ‘Zazoo Zeh’ hitmaker emerged victorious in a thrilling fight between him and Charles Okocha, the encounter that lasted for four rounds. The highly anticipated encounter took place on Wednesday in the early hours at Landmark Beach, situated in the vibrant Victoria Island area of Lagos.

Kicking off around 1 am, the fight captivated spectators for approximately 40 minutes, showcasing the physical prowess and stamina of both contenders.

Donning a blue armless shirt and shorts, Portable, the singer wasted no time in launching a relentless assault on Okocha. Unleashing a barrage of punches, Portable aimed to overpower the actor, who valiantly attempted to evade each blow to no avail.

Undeterred, Okocha absorbed multiple jabs from the determined Portable, who sought retribution for what he perceived as being cheated. The catalyst for this highly entertaining bout stemmed from the singer’s claim that Okocha had withheld a substantial payment owed to him.

Last month, Portable accused the actor of reneging on a promised N20 million endorsement deal payout. Allegedly, Okocha had received a hefty sum of N40 million but refused to relinquish Portable’s rightful share.

In response to these allegations, Okocha revealed that Portable had initially approached him seeking friendship. The actor, driven by a desire to support his fellow artist, extended an invitation to Portable for an upcoming event. 

However, Okocha contended that Portable made no meaningful contribution to the event and insisted that no contractual agreements were formalized. Despite this, Okocha asserted that he had transferred a substantial N5 million to Portable following the event.

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After engaging in a protracted online confrontation, the contentious duo ultimately resolved to settle their grievances inside the boxing ring. The fight became a physical manifestation of their dispute, providing an electrifying showdown for all involved.

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