Happy family without money? Understanding the difference between allowance and house upkeep money

 Happy family without money? Understanding the difference between allowance and house upkeep money

By Euphemia Nwele

Most men feel like the money they drop monthly or weekly for the house upkeep is more than enough for the family and their ‘precious’ wife. But is this true?

Loving a woman is accompanied by money because she comes with needs and responsibilities that are now yours (two becomes one, right?), and she must be maintained.

No matter how independent a woman is, she always wants to know that her man can provide for her and take care of her.

In marriage, the man and woman come together and agree on their finances and how to also share responsibilities, but you see this thing men do where they come in and drop a certain amount of money and bounce off thinking ‘that settles it all for the month’; it is not enough and not cool!

Men in their defense say that most women see and use the house upkeep money as an opportunity to save money for themselves, this could be true a notion, I mean – as a child who is sent to the market to get food stuffs you try your best to wisely buy the food stuffs so you can save up the change. But then don’t you think that if the child is placed on allowance, he/she would feel loved and would not care much about saving up market change?

Women need to feel loved by their men, they need you to give them money even when they do not ask, there is a difference between house upkeep money and allowance money (this term does not necessarily mean you place your wife on a timely allowance but then, that you give her when you can).

The house upkeep money is meant for looking after the house, for buying food stuffs, for repairs, for paying off the day cleaner, cook, baby sitter (that’s if you have one) and so on, it is not meant nor is it going to take care of your wife’s needs like – getting a hair do, getting a manicure, clothes, shoes and much more.

In as much as we have women who could do this for themselves, women who also earn money for the home, men should still give to them. Send in a surprise good morning cash to her, send her cash randomly suggesting to her what you would like to see her do with it. It clothes her with a sense of care and providence.

Despite the above clarifications, it is also advisable that women give to their husband, you can also reciprocate his action especially if you have the means to do so.

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