Five ideas for a low-budget but classy Valentine’s Day experience

 Five ideas for a low-budget but classy Valentine’s Day experience

By Ezinwanne Onwuka

It’s the season of love! 2021 Valentine’s Day is here.

Valentine’s Day, February 14 has come to be regarded as a day of romance and love, when lovers express their affection with gifts. It is a special day in which we remind that special person how much he/she means to us. This could be done verbally or non-verbally, but who wants to only hear “I love you” on Valentine’s Day? Actions speak louder than words, please!

It has become a norm for most people to spend lavishly on their “Valentine” on this special day. Even when they do not have the resources, especially finance, they wouldn’t mind borrowing just to impress their beloved. Things we do for love!

Well, what if I told you that you can celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day and create lasting memories as well as deepen the connection between you and your beloved without breaking the bank? Amazing, isn’t it?

After all, a holiday dedicated to love shouldn’t be about how much money you can spend. You can still do a lot of romantic things that don’t destroy your budget.

1. Skip the restaurant: Many of us look at Valentine’s Day as the day to dine and wine at a fabulous and state of the art restaurant with our beloved and drop a little extra cash. However, there is nothing more romantic than making a meal together at home, in your own kitchen. This would improve the intimacy between both of you.

2. Get crafty: Nothing is more meaningful than a hand-crafted gift for your Valentine. It shows how much you care, and that you would spend time and effort making them something that reflects how you feel. For instance, a sketch of him/her. However, if you are like me, and not craftily-minded, hiring the services of someone to commission something for him/her won’t cost much, would it?

3. Build your skills together: Ultimately, the best idea for a Valentine’s Day gift, instead of spending thousands on gifts or a meal in a fancy restaurant, is to gift experience instead of physical things. So why not give your Valentine the gift of a new skill? Go together, and learn the skills you are both passionate about: baking, graphics designing, web development, name it. You can take it a step further by going really crazy with something like improvement classes.

Trust me, the memories from these sorts of experiences last a lifetime, and experiences mean so much more than just another gift. It shows you’ve put real thought into making the day an unforgettable one, and who knows, maybe you’ll find out something new and interesting about him/her?

4. Donate to charity: Instead of exchanging gifts that are likely to be discarded after a few days or indulging in an expensive night out, you can go eco-friendly this Valentine’s Day by making a donation to charity. Visit the orphanage, give the children a gift. Go to the hospital and extend the love to the patients. Pay a short visit to the prison and make the inmates feel loved too. Experiences like this are unforgettable.

5. Staycation: Instead of borrowing money to book that VIP ticket to a cinema, why not stay at home? Plan your evening, so it’s not the same as any other, and enjoy each other’s company. Play an indoor game, watch your favorite movie, cook a meal together, whatever you want. And at the end of a romantic evening, your bed is just a few steps away…

These are my five tips to celebrate Valentine’s Day without crying, “had I known…” the day after. If you have more tips, let me know using the comment box.

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