Five goals in three games — 10 MLS records Messi is likely to break

 Five goals in three games — 10 MLS records Messi is likely to break

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi joined Inter Miami after breaking and setting a ridiculous number of records. The Argentine is an accomplished footballer with many dreadful career heroics, which made many to regard him as the greatest player of all time.

Being a Lionel Messi means creating and breaking more records — and that is the expectations of many of his fans as he kickstarts his career in the Major League Soccer (MLS).

The football star has continued to impress fans and pundits since he made his debut with Inter Miami. Messi already has 5 goals in 3 matches, and so far he is making it look easy.

How far can he go in the league?

CrispNG takes a look at at least 10 records that he might break while in MLS with Inter Miami.

1. Inter Miami’s all-time top goalscorer

Currently, Inter Miami’s all-time goal-scorer in MLS is Messi’s former national teammate, Gonzalo Higuain who scored 29 goals in 70 appearances. The Argentine superstar has started on the right foot- scoring three goals in two appearances

2. MLS All-time top goalscorer 

Chris Wondolowski became the MLS all-time leading goalscorer on May 18, 2019 with 171 goals when he was playing for USMNT.

This record might sound a little bit huge for but never say never especially when it comes to Lionel Messi and i believe he can break this record if he keep playing into his forties and scoring an average of 30 goals every season but then and again, he will have to renew his contract when it expires in 2025.

3. All-time most assists in MLS

Fortunately for Messi, he is a vicious creator for those around him in addition to having an incredible scoring record. However, given how late in his career he has graced the MLS with his presence, Landon Donovan’s record of 136 assists might be unattainable.

Major league soccer’s all-time assist record is USA legend Landon Donovan who boasts of 136 assists, the vast majority of which were for LA Galaxy.

Like the record for most goals scored, you could assume that Messi has come to the Major League Soccer too late in his career to be genuinely interested in competing for the top spot on the all-time list. Messi has already added five goals to his name while playing for Inter Miami, hopefully and for his sake, this may be the beginning of something wonderful.

4. Most goals scored in a single season

Even by Messi’s standards, this record will undoubtedly still be standing after the current term given that the player joined in the middle of the current campaign. But things might be quite different next year.

Only three players Carlos Vela, Josef Martinez, and Ibrahimovic have scored 30 or more goals in an MLS season, with the former leading the way with 34 goals in 2019.

At some point during his final season in America, don’t be shocked if Messi scores a mind-boggling 40 goals in a single season to win The Audi Golden Boot and in the process creating another record.

5. Most left-footed goals in MLS history

Due to his outstanding left foot, Messi is predicted to shatter the record for the most left-footed goals in the league’s history. In terms of left-footed goals, Bradley Wright-Phillips holds the record with 78.

6. Most hat-tricks in a single season

Mamadou Diallo and Stern John each scored four hat-tricks in a season, which is the most in a single MLS season. Given his talent and propensity for scoring goals, Messi has a chance to surpass this mark.

7. Most goals scored in consecutive games

The only issue with this record is that a streak can be broken with just one poor performance. Martinez, Messi’s current attacking partner, scored in 15 games consecutively in 2019, However, Messi also has a history of scoring in successive games. At his best, he once managed 33 goals in 21 La Liga games. But It has been years since Messi made scoring goals at this level appear simple, but he still has it in him to do it again at some point in his career despite being close to 40.

8. Most assists in a season

Carlos Valderrama currently holds the record for most assists in a single MLS season with 26 assists which he provided during the 2000 season. Messi is a good candidate to break this record because of his exceptional vision and passing skills.

9. Most game-winning goals in MLS history

Wayne Rooney, who scored 14 game-winning goals while playing in the MLS while playing for D.C United, now holds the record. Due to his propensity for scoring in crucial games, Messi may break Rooney’s record.

10. Most goals from free kicks in a season

Sebastian Giovinco currently holds the record with seven free-kick goals during the 2016 Major League Soccer season. Messi may break this record considering his precision and techniques when it comes to free kicks.

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