Five Common Mistakes To Avoid In Your 20s

 Five Common Mistakes To Avoid In Your 20s

By Adegoke Awau

Twenty-something is a period when everything seems attainable. It is a stage of self-creation, a period we shape who we are going to become eventually.

Once this period of twenty-something is lost, it becomes difficult to be salvaged and regret will gradually set in at a later phase in life.

Our life is a transition where we graduate from one stage to another until old age.

While a series of events take place in our lives, we have the power as individuals to decide how such influence positively or negatively.

For your twenty-something to be outstanding, there are five common things you must avoid.

The extravagant of time: As the saying goes, “time waits for no man.” During the twenty-something period, it is not uncommon to see people think that they have the luxury of time. We also think that we are still small, hence no need to rush things.

However, that is often a great mistake because things change quickly in life and one must be ready to meet unforeseen events that may arise.

At this stage, one must start thinking about what he or she wants in life and start working towards them.

Comparison: The second thing that a person in his or her 20s must avoid is comparing oneself to others.

This is because when this happens, one will start seeing himself or herself as inadequate and a failure. There is also the tendency that you will start complaining about virtually everything — friends, family and so on.

This does more than harm than good to one’s life especially in your 20s.

To tackle this in your 20s, one must begin to appreciate the world around us, be willing to learn, and be contented with what you have.

Another way is to be motivated by one’s achievement — whether big or small. It’s only when you start appreciating yourself than others will appreciate you.

Negative influence: In your 20s, watch out for negative influence. Twenty-something is a time when we want to live to the fullest. We want to explore, enjoy life and do what our friends are doing.

We should know the kind of friends we choose at this stage as it tells a lot and affects us in all ways.

Lavish spending: The fourth mistake you must avoid in your 20s is to avoid lavish spending. At this phase in your life, you need to learn how to spend, save and discover financial literacy.

The fact that you have those supporting your bills at this stage does not mean you should lack the requisite knowledge to save.

You can start building your financial status at this stage by engaging in business or something worthwhile that can fetch you money.

Therefore, you need to initiate a saving culture, keep it and invest in it.

Networking: No one can make substantial progress in isolation and that is why you need make networking a top priority in your 20s.

You must avoid restricting yourself to only the people in your department or to people who are in the same positions as you.

In life, you must learn to build good relationship with people in various spheres of life and connect with them.

Networking has immense benefits than you can ever imagine ranging from opportunities, connecting with big personnel, sharing knowledge, increasing confidence, and a lot more.

You cannot achieve this by restricting yourself. You need to start networking and build your circle for optimal growth.

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