ESUT: A response to an open letter to governor of Enugu State by “Dr J.B.C Udem”

 ESUT: A response to an open letter to governor of Enugu State by “Dr J.B.C Udem”


A response to this highly convoluted, mendacious, insulting and hate-filled write up by a presumably faceless Dr J.B.C Udem would not have been necessary, but for the condescending language, despicable, unsavoury and sundry allegations laid against His Excellency, Governor IfeanyiUgwuanyi which postured him as part of the problem in ESUT. Hear “Dr Udem,” ‘Your Excellency Sir, May I inform you, in case you do not know that there is grave yard silence in the State regarding how you are supervising the affairs at ESUT since you took over as Governor’.

It is really an irony that “Dr Udem,” who shortly will be exposed for who he is and represents, did not notice nor draw the attention of His Excellency to this grave- yard silence in the five years of Professor Luke Anike which took ESUT to the Hades, but has become a subject of media blitz following the logical appointment of Professor Charles Eze (an Nsukka Man in his words) as the Acting Vice-Chancellor, alongside other principal Officers of the University on 23rd May 2020.

The truth of the matter is that there are so many “Vice-Chancellors-in-Waiting” who in their convoluted minds think that ESUT is a conquered territory which must function according to their whims and caprices even when the State Government and the University Governing Council are determined to correct the entrenched system failures before bringing in the full complement of Principal Officers of the University, (not just a Vice-Chancellor) to superintend over the University.

For such Characters, they will gather under all names, spread Goebbels style falsehood and propaganda, denigrate sections of the society and foul the environment of peace, but the “The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and the awesome God of David,” will not allow evil to triumph over good.
For the avoidance of any doubt, since the appointment of the three key Acting Principal Officers on 23rd of May 2020, ESUT has been on a trajectory of peace, optimism, and consolidation.

These Officers have been in office for a little above 10 months, and have practically brought back the University to life after a near total collapse. The full compliments of University Management will surely be in place at a time the Governing Council is satisfied with the ongoing administrative and academic reforms.

My disappointment with Dr Udem, who wrote on behalf of the Association of Vice-Chancellors-in-Waiting, Prof Chinedu Aguba and other disgruntled characters, is the malicious and unpretentious hate for the people of Enugu North Senatorial zone who are referred severally and condescendingly in the said write up as “Nsukka People.”

It is elementary knowledge that there 3There are 3 Senatorial Zones in Enugu State known to any primary 2 pupil, namely, Enugu East Senatorial Zone Enugu North Senatorial Zone and Enugu West Senatorial Zone. The sponsored petitioner correctly acknowledged Enugu East and Enugu West Zones, but chose to refer to Enugu North Senatorial Zone as Nsukka Senatorial Zone in his stupid and jaundiced efforts to prove rotation of only the Office of the Vice-Chancellor and not the Principal Officers among the three Senatorial Zones.

“Dr Udem” as the mouthpiece of the Association of “Vice-Chancellors-in-Waiting,” chose not to inform the public that since the inception of ASUTECH, now ESUT (about 40 years ago) Enugu West Senatorial Zone produced all Registrars of the University, with the exception of Mr S.N.P Nwankwo from Enugu East Senatorial Zone who served 5 years.

Thus, for the remaining 35 years, all the Registrars had continued to come from one Senatorial Zone, Enugu West. These, include Late Prof. Samson Ukpabi (Aninri) Prof. Festus Eze (Udi) , DR. B.N Uzoigwe (Awgu), Barr.C.C Igbokwe (Udi), Mr Leonard Khama (Aninri), and Barr T,M Ikenwa (Aninri) who is presently the Acting Registrar.

No ‘bloody Nsukka man or woman’ has ever been appointed as the Registrar of ESUT till date. It may interest “Dr Udem” the spokes person of the Association of Vice-Chancellors –in-Waiting and Prof. Chinedu Aguba that Enugu West Senatorial Zone has not only monopolized the position of Registrar, but used that office to heavily skew the Nominal staff disposition in ESUT in terms of local government origin, in favour of Enugu West Zone, particularly Udi Local Government, as can be gleaned from the ESUT Council records shown below:


Enugu West Senatorial District

S/NO Local Government Area Numbers of Staff Percentage
1. Udi 458 25.35
2. Awgu 167 9.24
3. Ezeagu 163 9.02
4. Oji River 82 4.54
5. Aninri 72 3.13
Total 942 52.13

Enugu North Senatorial District
S/NO Local Government Area Numbers of Staff Percentage
1. Nsukka 186 10.30
2. Igbo Etiti 143 7.91
3. Udenu 73 4.04
4. Uzo uwani 60 3.32
5. Igboeze North 27 1.49
6. Igboeze South 27 1.49
Total 516 28.55

Enugu East Senatorial District
S/NO Local Government Area Numbers of Staff Percentage
1. Nkanu West 202 11.18
2. Nkanu East 63 3.48
3. Enugu South 37 2.04
4. Enugu East 22 1.21
5. Isi-Uzo 17 0.94
6. Enugu North 7 0.38
Total 348 19.23

Summary of Ranking by Senatorial Districts

S/NO Senatorial District Numbers of Staff Percentage
1. Enugu West 942 52.13
2. Enugu North 516 28.55
3. Enugu East 348 19.23
Total 1,806 100

What is perfectly clear is that Enugu West dominates ESUT with 52.13% of staff coming from the Zone. Udi Local government with 25.35% of its people working in ESUT means that it has more indigenes working in ESUT that the whole of Enugu East Zone and represents nearly 70% of all employees from Enugu East and Enugu North Senatorial Zones. So, why would these characters have the temerity to speak about nsukanisation of ESUT?

What impudence? In IMT the dominance and Udinization of the institution is reflected in the staff disposition released recently by the institution in which nearly 50% of the employees are from Udi Local Government. This situation in IMT plays out in all institutions of Government in Enugu State, yet other sections of the State have managed to endure this unexplainable dominance.

The same Enugu West Senatorial Zone, Particularly Udi Local Government continued to produce Substantive and Acting Librarians from the inception of ASUTECH/ESUT until the emergence of the current University Librarian, Dr Ifeanyi Ezema in 2018 who outperformed all contestants for the post during interview, including a former University Librarian from Enugu West. So, in the 40 years history of ASUT/ESUT Library, Dr Ngozi Ene, Mr Akpata and Mr George Igwebuike, all from Udi local government superintend over it for 37 years.

It is also on record that the same Enugu west with the least population geo-politically, has produced the greatest number of Vice-Chancellors from inception whether substantive or Acting, beginning with late Prof Chiweyite Ejike, Prof Mark Anikpo, Prof Ikechukwu Chidobem, and Prof Chidi Ugwu who served for over 8 months as Acting Vice-Chancellor. Where then lays the unfairness in the claim to rotation by ‘Dr Udem” when previous appointments of Principal Officers have been skewed in favour of Enugu West?

“Dr Udem” writing on behalf of Prof Chinedu Aguba, the ASUU Chairman, complained bitterly the way and manner he was removed as the Director of Institute of Education and replaced with Prof, Ursula Nnabueze from ‘Nsukka Zone’, but failed to also report that the Vice-Chairman of ASUU ESUT, Prof Larry Eneje (from ‘Nsukka Zone’) was also relieved of his appointment as HOD of Applied Biology and Brewing, at the same time, for their brazen sabotage of the efforts of Management to commence academic activities on campus and save the university from certain collapse.

What explains this level of selfishness and treachery? Is “Dr Udem” and his sponsors saying that Prof Larry Eneje (an “Nsukka Man”) is inconsequential or that Prof Ursula Nnabueze who is over 10 year senior to Chinedu Aguba as a Professor is not qualified to be appointed simply because she is from Nsukka?

What a Shame? ‘Dr Udem’ and his sponsors have to explain how the desperation of Prof. Eze would lead him to remove Prof. Aguba who had presented himself to the Ag. Vice-Chancellor as a friend, but chose to be overwhelmed and suffused by sectional considerations in championing for the removal of the Acting Vice-chancellor in several monitored sectional meetings, and even on the floor of ASUU less than 3 month into his tenure.

For “Dr Udem” to have mentioned the name of Prof Aguba in the now infamous employment scandal under Prof. Luke Anike is either that “Dr Udem” was not properly briefed or that his sponsors believe their role in bringing ESUT to its kneel is hidden. Nothing is hidden. “Dr Udem” should interrogate how Prof Chinedu Aguba employed his 3 blood relations in addition to 4 four others when no member of his Executive could assist in employing even 1.

In the employment scandal supervised by the former Vice-Chancellor, he allotted 7 slots to ASUU which Prof. Aguba appropriated to himself without reference to any member of the Executive. If ASUU was given 7 slots, why was it that it was only the Chairman that submitted 7 names? ”Dr Udem” should also find out why Prof Aguba’s mates who have more publications than him are still Readers, while he was rapidly promoted Professor over and above his seniors.

Even when the Congress of ASUU decided that no examination would take place without the release of Professorial promotions by the former Vice-Chancellor, Aguba ensured that the exams were held and thereafter had his promotion announced with over 99% of other candidates left out.

No internal Strike was ever called by him all through Prof Luke Anike’s Administration, only for him to suddenly wake up to his “responsibilities” following the appointment of an Acting Vice-Chancellor. If this is not sectionalism, treachery and selfishness, we wonder what represents a bad labour leader. For the avoidance of doubts, all those employed by Prof Luke Anike after the dissolution of the Governing Council were cashiered out by the new Council.

Prof Aguba’s, “blood” relations were amongst the over 100 such cases considered as unauthorised employment by the University Governing Council. Perhaps, what “Dr Udem” is suggesting is that the Ag. Vice-Chancellor should have protected the “blood brothers” of Prof Aguba so as to be in his good books.

“Dr Udem”, in an attempt to hoodwink the public reported that Prof Gab Agu was removed from Office as Dean of Faculty by the Ag. Vice-Chancellor and replaced with “another Nsukka man” on purported and unverified allegations. ‘In fact, he was removed even before a Committee instituted to investigate allegations levelled against him was inaugurated’.

We honestly think that “Dr Udem” should have saved Prof Gab Agu the embarrassment of explicating his case in the Media. The reality is that the University Management had set up a Committee to look into the petitions over the Deanship election between Professors Gab Agu and Osita Ogbu Nnamani which polarised the Faculty and made its proper functioning impossible. The Committee painstakingly looked at these written petitions, and also had audience with each contestant.

The Committee observed that the allegations which the two Professors levied against each other were too criminal and weighty to be ignored, and as such recommended that the two mutually accused persons should step aside to allow for a full investigation into the weighty allegations.

These recommendations were endorsed by the Governing Council in its 76th meeting held on 11th February, 2021, and thereafter, Prof Frank Asogwah, as the only fulltime Professor in the Faculty, was appointed Ag. Dean of Law. Did “Dr Udem” expect the Management to gloss over the cases of Result Mutilations preferred against Prof Gab Agu, or overlook the allegation that Prof Osita Ogbu Nnamani is not a full Professor in ESUT?

Perhaps “Dr Udem” would have preferred the importation of a Professor of Law from another University for appointment as Ag. Dean, simply because Prof Frank Asogwah who circumstances threw up is an “Nsukka Man.”

What a Shame?
Again, in the wicked desperation to create a nonexistent composition in the Management of ESUT, “Dr Udem,” his bunch of desperados and Nsukka haters spared no shame in misinforming the public.

The truth is that there is nowhere in the organogram of any University where Director of Works and Chief Security Officers are part of the Management team. As a matter of fact, the Chief Security Officer is a middle level Officer of the University. It is not also true that Prof Frank Ezugwu is the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of ESUT.

He is currently the Provost ESUT College of Medicine – a position into which he was duly elected following the expiration of the tenure of the former Provost, Late Professor Anthony Ugochukwu. So, why this inciting misinformation?

Talking about domination of ESUT Management by Enugu North Senatorial Zone, “Dr Udem” and his co-travellers must be reminded that in the recent past, the whole Management team was populated by Enugu West Zone. For instance, at the time Prof. Chiweyite Ejike was the Vice-Chancellor of ASUTECH, Prof Festus Eze was the Registrar, Mr Akachukwu, the Bursar, and Dr Ngozi Ene, the University Librarian; all these Principal Offices were from one Zone.

As recent as 2011, the Management and Council was also dominated by Enugu West, precisely Udi LGA. Details are as follows:

1. Visitor ——- His Excellency Barr. Sullivan Chime (UDI
2. Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of Governing Council —- Chief ChiloOffiah (UDI)
3. Deputy-Vice-Chancellor —– Prof. A.E Uzoagulu (UDI)
4. Registrar —- Barr. C.C Igbokwe —- (UDI)
5. University Librarian —- Mr George Igwebuike (UDI
6. Provost College of Medicine —– Prof. A.O.C Akpa (Awgu)
So why didn’t “Dr Udem” and his co-travellers draw the attention of the Public to the above skewed appointments and skewed staff disposition in ESUT? “Dr Udem” should please do himself and his sponsors a favour by keeping to the popular aphorism that “those who live in glass houses should not throw stones”

The unwarranted onslaught on His Excellency and the people of Enugu North in the open letter to the Governor by “Dr J.B.C Udem” represents the mindset of desperados who are neither tutored by history nor guided by reality. ESUT will never fall into the hands of scavengers, who have made progress impossible in the University. The said letter has nothing to do with the composition of ESUT Management, but everything to do with those who have assumed the post of Vice-Chancellors- in- Waiting and feel that except Prof Eze is intimidated out; their pipe dreams will never be achieved.

It is also on record that since the inception of Enugu State Polytechnic Iwollo, eleven years now, Enugu West has continued to produce the Rector of the institution till date. Also Prof. Edwin Onyeneje from Enugu West (Udi) was Rector of IMT Enugu for 4 years and was succeeded by Prof. Iloeje from Enugu West zone (Udi) who was in office for five years. Who is fooling who? Where was the likes of Dr. J.B.C Udem and his cohorts then?
Why the desperation and hullabaloo for the appointment of a substantive Vice Chancellor of ESUT when it is obvious and certain that whenever such appointment is made, the appointee will be in office for five secured years which is the tenure of the office? Why the stereotyping and blackmailing of Nsukka people all the time? What is the offence an Nsukka man? Enough is really enough. Oji Ekwa Awueshi Kpachar’ Enya.

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