Effect of name and its implication on socio-economic development in Ukelle Yala II

 Effect of name and its implication on socio-economic development in Ukelle Yala II

By James Lukpata

Names are insignia of personality and means of identifications for both human beings and none human alike.

Asides serving as means of identification names also give honour to organizations, countries, animals, trees among others. Hence, the traditional recognition of the role of names and their impacts on the bearer.

But in the case of Yala local government Area with two state constituencies known as Yala I & II the failure to consider the functional role names play and its impact in society as well as inherent means of identification remains heart buggling since the name Yala conotes a single ethnic group rather than accommodating other ethnic groups that make up the LGA by having a join name that clearly portrayed the LGA as being jointly owned .

For instance, Ukelle/Yala LGA will be best as other ethnic groups will have a sense of belonginness, identity and purpose that could further a smooth running of the administrative aspect of the LGA in terms of appointments and equitable distribution of social amenities across the LGA.

Taking a look at some joinedly owned LGAs in other parts of Nigeria, there is a clear indication of co-ownership both in status and function. For example, Ikoyi/Obalende, Ajeromi/ifelodun, Kolokuma/Opokuma, Kabba/Bunu, Ogu/Bolo, Abua/Odual to mention but a few. In the above mentioned examples, even a child can decipher from the name that such LGAs are share with other ethnic groups or constituencies.

As an emerging nation searching for recognition, Ukelle the Yala II constituency has suffered neglect, marginalisation, lopsided appointments, denial, injustice and abandonment from all tiers of government which may not be unconnected with the statutory declaration of an ethnic name to LGA that accommodate two state constituencies.

Undoubtedly, the Yala II constituency could best be described as a “Greek gift” since the constituents are only useful in their numerical advantage to deliver candidates from constituency I and others during elections.

Ukelle traditional rulling council, House of Assembly members from UKelle (past and present), State Executive members from UKelle (past and present), State Executive Councils (past and present), can write the appropriate authority for a change of Yala LGA name to be addressed and known as UKELLE/YALA LGA to give clear identity as well as accommodating both constituencies with high sense of responsibility and belongingness in name and actuality.

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