Dream a dream 1: Why you can’t succeed without a dream

 Dream a dream 1: Why you can’t succeed without a dream

By Sunday Orodiran

“You are as great as your dream.”

We want to appreciate God for making it possible to witness another new day that brings us together. It’s our wish to always come and deliver the mind of God to us in order to build our lives toward fulfillment of purpose. We are glad to have you on our platform every week because we know that you are being made to become blessing to the kingdom of God and to this generation and generations to come which is our sincere aim. It’s our sincere prayer that God will bless you.

Again today, we won’t avoid taking us to another fact and figure of life changing matter, the need that is necessarily important for every individual who desire success. So, we will be talking on the topic that says “Dream a dream”.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines dream as something that you have wanted very much to do, be, or have for a very long time. This definition will help us to understand that dream is not really the ‘movies’ that you watch every time in your sleep. Most of what we see at night in our dreams is just carried over emotions to our subconscious. But the dream we are talking about here is a necessity to your life. It’s what you must create for yourself. So, I define dream as a mental image that is created in your imagination about your future. Dream is the picture you see about the kind of life you wish to live. Dream must be voluntarily created. You must get one by yourself. Dream will give you plan for your future.

As small as the word dream is, it’s an iota of truth that determines your success in life. Some of us today are not in possession of any dream and that is why we are living a shapeless life. Nations are no more structured because we have different kinds of dreamless leaders.

Dream is what gives you self acclaimed reality about things to come in your life. It tells you the definition of how your future world will be. A life without dream is a mere life. It’s a life without scheme and structure. If you don’t dream a dream you can’t have a life. It’s not possible to become what has not appeared to you or what has not been revealed to your consciousness. One of the things that people of success have in common is dream. All of them dream dreams. They have pre-future image. If you see a strong empire, company, nation, even ministry today, it’s all started from a dream. The power of dream is the ignition of your life toward purpose. So, as food is important to your living so dream is important to your success.

Majority of people today are not dreaming again. We are just daily livers of life. We do what just comes our ways. We don’t get future mental picture again. It’s a pity that this contributes to failures in our society. You can’t become what you have not seen. There is power in your sight. Whatever you mind can picture you are liable to become. Therefore, it’s essential for each person to create a mental image about his or her life. You must set up that camera that will picture your future. Once you see what you are becoming, you will be able to stand tall to pursue it.

My dear friends, what have you seen about your future? Do you have any dream? If you don’t have, get one today. Dream is necessary to your success. We can place you in the midst of resources but if you have no dream you will useless the resources and your life. Dream is what propels you towards a terrain of success. Some dreamed to light the world and proposed electricity. Two brothers dreamed of flying in the sky and made the airplane. What is your own dream? What do you want to live for? The simple way to recognize people that won’t succeed in life is to ask them what their dreams are. They don’t have one. Maybe that’s your life. I have had opportunity to meet several youths and it is a pity that larger percent are dreamless. Then I know why the rate of success is low in our community. We have people that are living for nothing. They don’t have scope for future. Are you one of these people? You get to change your life today. Dream a dream and start the process to manifestation.

We shall continue next week. Don’t forget you can’t be greater than your dream.

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