By Diana Onuoha

I read an advert in an online newspaper asking for ladies to serve as ushers in a government function going on in Port-Harcourt. I decided to apply, I was waiting for admission into one of the Nigerian universities and it sounded like a nice way to make great money while waiting.

I was invited for an interview and i dressed in a stylish black gown I purchased in Aba and wore red pumps; cutting the image of a successful banker. When it got to my turn, I was ushered into a room. The man there introduced himself as Mr Vicky.

He asked me my name but before I could reply, his phone rang: he engaged in a lengthy conversation with his caller but I got interested when he mentioned my name. I noticed he stopped speaking pidgin and launched into British English.

Mr Vicky: Richard, this girl is from Aba. Am sure she will be a walkover. Just dangle some carrot in her face and have her eating from your palms. Am sure her etiquette and social skills are below average. She is just here hoping for a bit of fun and probably feast her eyes on PH. Let me call you back. This won’t take long.

He looked at me as he ended the call and smiled. NNE, so why you wan join our ushers?

I laughed and watch his eyes widen

Mr Vicky, I might be from Aba but am not daft. I am here to earn a living and not to play whore to scheming persons like you. I have my self worth intact and I refuse to be insulted because of my place of residence. Good day.

I wish you could see the shock on his face. Two days later, I got a call from him, I got the job. I smiled in victory….. Aba do not raise fools.

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