Diary of an Aba girl (Part 1)

 Diary of an Aba girl (Part 1)

Photo Credit: Sahara Reporters

By Diana Onuoha

Thank you for believing in Diana Onuoha and for reading her posts. This post is a story about Meme, a single girl living in Aba- a commercial hub in south-eastern Nigeria- and her several escapades which will teach you several lessons and as well make you laugh. Do enjoy and feel free to make your comments visible.

The prophet was a lady in her thirties, she was not wearing the signature white flowing gowns associated with spiritualists. She was dressed in a beautiful Ankara peplum gown holding a cross.

Ada had decided to take me here since I unfortunately fell in love with my landlord’s son, Chima. I wanted him to marry me, I wanted the ‘neighbour neighbour love wantiti’ to lead to the altar. I had come with his photo and a bottle of olive oil. I wanted to tie him forever with me.

Stand here, the spiritualist indicated a line. I stood there shaking a little in fear. This was not my first time anyways. Do you want partial or full? She asked me Which one is partial or full kwa? Love potion is love potion.

As I battled with the question, my phone rang, it was Tiwa Savage’s My Darling, a ring tune only reserved for Chima.

I reach for my phone but the woman’s eyes told me otherwise. I stayed put and said ” I want full package, Ma”

She nodded slowly and began her ministration. I left home around 6, holding a bottle of oil that was going to change my relationship with Chima.

When I got to my yard, there was a huge crowd gathered, they were making loud noise and gesticulating. In the typical Aba fashion, I squeezed myself inside the circle and saw a heavily pregnant girl crying.

I turned to my neighbor. “What happened?”  “Chima has impregnated her and he must marry her.”

The bomb was denoted, I staggered and slumped, my precious bottle of love potion rolled away. Who cares?

I know people will turn to watch, afterall Aba n’anya.

To be continued…

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